CCM vs. Bauer Youth Skates: Which Brand Is Better?

CCM vs. Bauer Youth Skates: Which Brand Is Better?

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All ice hockey players know that when it comes to buying skates, the most challenging decision is between two of the most popular brands in the field - CCM and Bauer. Although both these brands have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s essential to know which one of them will suit you best in the rink.

Between CCM and Bauer youth skates, CCM offers a 360° fit, increased acceleration, and also has three types of sizing. Bauer skates are made to be ultra-lightweight and contain titanium, which improves energy transfer. They are also designed to fit different body types while being extremely durable.

Comparing these two brands is a challenging feat simply because they both have a wide variety of types and customizations in their models to meet the skater’s personal needs and preferences. However, this article will provide a comprehensive analysis regarding the fit, comfort, and durability of these two brands.

Fit: CCM Youth Skates

When it comes to the fit of the skates, CCM offers three different fit profiles that are meant to fit perfectly for different types of skaters. Let’s look at these three types in detail below.

CCM Ribcor

The Ribcor skates are praised for its flexible forefront, symmetrical heel and ankle fit, and the variable flex in the boot’s stiffness. Skaters are able to have better stride mobility due to the forward flex design, which is built into the skates using Ribcor’s Flex Frame technology. The boot is fully composite and has a carbon composite outsole, which makes it both stiffer and lighter.

Additionally, the boot is reinforced behind the heel to add to its stiffness and rigidity while increasing the energy transfer of the boot, making it more flexible in the front for forward flex. This essentially means that skaters would get a better forward lean because of the flexion in the boot. Hence, they get a stronger stride when pushing outwards using their toes.

In terms of the fit, Ribcor offers a lower volume forefront, an instep of medium height, and medium heel width. This is one of the most common foot profiles and suits many skaters perfectly. Ribcor contains ADPT memory foam ankle pads that prevent heel movement and also provide a contoured heel and ankle shape.

CCM Jetspeed

When it comes to the Jetspeed model, the forefront is slightly narrow, while the heel and ankle are anatomical. The boot of the Jetspeed is stiff and sturdy. CCM generally refers to their Jetspeeds as having a more ‘tapered’ fit. It’s a skate that is of medium volume and is more suited for players with average toe, instep, heel, and forefoot dimensions.

You’ll find the fit of the Jetspeed a little snugger than the other models belonging to CCM.

CCM Tacks

The CCM Tacks fit allows medium room at the forefront, with the heel and ankle having a medium analytical fit. However, the boot is extra stiff, unlike Ribcor and Jetspeed. The skate falls under a combination of the medium-to-high volume skate in terms of fit. Also, it has an anatomical heel and wider forefoot. This skate will be best suited for skaters who have a medium to large toe, forefront, instep, and heel dimensions.

Fit: Bauer Youth Skates

Just like the other brand, Bauer also has three categories that provide different sizes and functionalities for various skaters. Let’s have a look at what these skates have to offer in terms of fit below.

Bauer Supreme

The Bauer Supreme has a 360° fit as it uses composite inserts throughout the skate. Additionally, it enables the skater to have a customized fit and uses the Tuuk LS5 carbon steel for maximizing edges. Its fitting is commonly described as anatomical, and it is more suitable for mid-profile feet as it has a mid-heel pocket that caters to skaters who have medium toe, instep, forefront, heel dimensions, and ankle wrap requirement.

Bauer Vapor

The Bauer Vapor is believed to have a more tapered fit with a standard-shaped toe box and a very snug heel that fits like a glove. It belongs to the low-volume category in terms of fitting, thereby eliminating all the unnecessary space in the boot. It consists of Dynaflex, which reduces the overall volume of the skate. Along with this, Aerofoam padding is used to give the skater a very personalized fit.

The Vapor is designed for low profile feet. It has a shallow heel pocket, which will be perfect for skaters who have a small toe, instep, forefront, heel dimensions, and ankle wrap requirement.

Bauer Nexus

The Nexus skates are known as Bauer’s classic fit and are meant for skaters with wide feet who prefer a little more room for a comfortable fit. Additionally, it comes with a 3-D Curv composite technology that makes the skate fit the foot seamlessly as if it were custom made.

The Nexus skates also have a deep heel pocket, making it available to those who have a large instep, toe, forefront, heel dimensions, and wrap around the requirement.

The Verdict

As you may have noticed, both brands almost go neck-to-neck in terms of fit and sizing. They both include three different varieties meant for small, medium, and large-sized profiles and cater to narrow, medium, and broad feet. These size variations also have additional features such as extra stiffness, snugness, and anatomical fit.

Based on your preference, you get to choose the type that’s right for you as both brands cater to extremely personalized tastes in terms of sizing.

Comfort: CCM Youth Skates

Right after sizing, the next most crucial thing to consider while buying skates is how comfortable they are. Generally, skaters have various preferences in terms of comfort and style, so it’s not easy to pin-point any one type as being the ideal skate in terms of comfort. Let’s have a look at what CCM Youth Skates have to offer in terms of comfort.

CCM Ribcor 80k

The CCM Ribcor 80k skates offer quite a few features that enhance the comfort of the skater. The Flexframe is a system that is incorporated in the boot to make it flexible while reducing its rigidity. Another inclusion is the ADPT memory foam, which are ankle pads that support your foot by padding them on both sides of the ankle.

Additionally, Ribcor skates include a ‘TotalDri Pro+Liner, ‘ which is an inner lining that is wet, slick, and sticky to prevent the foot from sliding or moving inside the boot. The liner also absorbs excess moisture, thereby preventing blisters as well. This TDP liner is essentially used to keep the feet dry and in-place throughout the game.

The skates also consist of an Orthomove footbed. As the name suggests, it is used to act as additional padding underneath the feet. What makes this feature stand apart is that it comes with swappable inserts, giving you the liberty to customize your comfort to perfection!

The Tritech Pro Tongue is an additional feature that protects the foot from lace bites and also adds to the comfort of the ankle and foot.

CCM Jetspeed FT2

In terms of comfort, the CCM Jetspeed FT2 offers a lightweight composite boot that is meant to fit the foot like a glove due to its ergonomic shape. It also holds the foot in place, ensuring that there is no displacement or movement throughout the game, no matter how fast you’re moving.

The skate is composed of a RocketFrame composite material, which is meant to give the foot extra comfort and protection while also being extremely light in weight. Along with this, it consists of a 7mm long tongue, which is made of felt and offers protection against lace bites.

Just like Ribcor, Jetspeed also has an inner lining that consists of TotalDri Pro+Liner. The TPL liner not only wicks away moisture but also helps keep the skates light and comfortable. The inner lining is also made of a brushed microfiber that is resistant to abrasions.

The boot also has the pro padding addition around the collar of the boot to keep the foot and ankle padded and protected. Inside the boot, you’ll find a multi-density memory foam in the ankle area that ensures your boot gives you an anatomical and customized fit.

CCM Tacks 9090

CCM Tacks 9090 is specifically designed for those who are just getting into the game and want a reliable skate that would give them complete comfort and protection at an affordable price. The boot is made from a 3-D injected system and provides comfort and durability to the skater. Additionally, it comes with a brushed microfiber lining that increases comfort and efficiency.

The skates also have a tongue that’s about 7mm thick, which gives the foot extra padding and protection. Moreover, the skates consist of thick foams that are injected down the center to provide comfort to the upper part of the foot. This not only makes the foot feel more padded but also protects you from occasional pucks or slashes, while the tongue prevents lace bites.

The footbed of the skates is also designed to enhance the comfort and protection of the skater’s foot. One thing to remember is that the CCM Tacks are designed for the high-level boot volume, so there will be a little more room in the boot when compared to the other types.

Comfort: Bauer Youth Skates

Although all the CCM skates shared similar characteristics in terms of their features and benefits, Bauer youth skates come with a completely different set of advantages in terms of comfort. Let’s have a look at this in detail below.

Bauer Supreme 2S

This model is best suited for youngsters who regularly hit the ice and spend an insane amount of time in their skates. Wearing uncomfortable skates for long hours can be a nightmare, so it’s essential to invest in skates that focus on comfort as well as efficiency.

The Bauer Supreme 2S youth skates are made out of a composite material that is both sturdy and durable. This material is on the lighter side in terms of weight, making it easier to move around for beginners. Additionally, this skate is completely thermoformable and makes sure the skater gets a customized fit, which will increase their performance and comfort.

In addition to this, it consists of a felt tongue that is made of high-density foam, which adds to the comfort and support of the foot. It also consists of a metatarsal guard insert, which provides exceptional flexibility while also protecting the foot from impact and lace bites.

Inside the boot, you’ll be able to find a memory foam, which is also lightweight. This foam acts as an ankle pad and prevents the foot from injury to a certain extent. The lining material inside the boot is a lock-fit material that enhances the grip and comfort of the player.

Bauer Vapor X2.7

The Bauer Vapor X2.7 comes with some solid features that definitely provide young players with good comfort and foot protection. In fact, this skate makes use of a system called the ComfortFlex, which consists of features such as the ‘one-piece 3-D polycarb quarter package’.

This package is meant to give the ankle a good fit while holding the heel securely in place. It also consists of a liner that runs throughout the skate to add to the comfort of the foot.

The skate also combines the microfiber lining with the memory foam padding. While the padding acts as a support around the ankle area, the liner provides extra support and grip to the entire foot.

At the top of the skate, you’ll find a two-piece tongue which is inserted with a metatarsal guard to help provide comfort, protection, and flexibility while skating. Finally, at the bottom of the boot, you’ll find Bauer’s exclusive Die-cut EVA footbed, which increases the support of the entire foot.

Bauer S27

The Bauer S27 is moderately stiff and rigid to help young learners develop a sturdy and strong stride. Most of Bauer’s youth skates are made of the same materials as the senior version, and this skate is no exception. The technology used to design the skates is known as Trueform and helps achieve a customized and anatomical fit.

As with all skates, it consists of a tongue to protect the foot from impact damage and lace bites. The memory foam found in the bottom of the boot helps lock the heel in place. At the same time, the Hydrophobic microfiber liner wicks away moisture that might cause discomfort or interference during the game.

The Verdict

After comparing both the brands, it’s safe to say that while they both offer various features in terms of comfort, the CCM Ribcor 80k seems to have the higher ground due to the fact that it has almost all the features of the other designs combined into one. However, different arrangements are made to suit the diverse requirements of skaters, so if you find something that’s more suitable for your purpose, then you needn’t let this conclusion hold you back!


CCM Youth Skates

When it comes to the durability of the skates, CCM usually provides pretty good quality for its pricing and value. CCM uses an Attack Frame technology, which has carbon composite inserts that enable the ‘pushing off’ part of the skates to have the stiffest and sturdiest material.

Additionally, the inside of the boots contains a dual clarino liner, which not only increases comfort but also increases the durability of the boot. Underneath the boot, you’ll find an extra stiff composite outsole to maximize the energy transfer while making it more durable.

Bauer Youth Skates

Bauer skates are constructed using a 3-D fibre composite, which is exceptionally durable and long-lasting. However, this makes the skates slightly heavier than most other youth skates. Another aspect that increases its durability is the Lock-Fit Pro+Liner, which is used to line the inside of the boot.

In addition to this, it consists of a carbon-coated stainless steel blade that has excellent durability. This is one aspect that gives Bauer skates a cutting edge. A durable and efficient blade is highly vital for a serious player who skates almost every day.

The Verdict

Though CCM skates are also highly durable and efficient, the additional features included in Bauer skates might make it a slightly more appealing choice in terms of durability.


This article draws a comparison between two of the most highly acclaimed brands that manufacture youth skates. As you may have noticed, both brands have their own unique features that enable them to stand out in certain areas and aspects.

So the only real way to know which skate is best for you is by going through the custom features and advantages that each brand has to offer.

Once you have figured out the perfect model that suits your physical needs and activity requirements, you will be able to pick the ideal model of skates that caters to you.