The Best Hockey Bags for Kids on the Market!

The Best Hockey Bags for Kids on the Market!

Hockey Bags

Hockey bags are investments, but also crucial tools for young hockey players. They give your kid a place to store their skates, helmet, other gear, and jersey. These all-in-one bags are a must for every youth heading into their first or any hockey season, but which ones are the best?

The best hockey bags for kids combine appropriate size and weight with storage capacity and unique features. Some of the best hockey bags on the market include the Fila Large Rolling Duffel, the Northwest Company Collapsible Duffel, and the Easton Synergy Vented Hockey Bag.

It’s essential to consider your young player’s needs while also striking a balance between price and style. Read on to learn more about our top picks for hockey bags for kids.

Fila 7 Pocket Large Duffel Rolling Bag

This 30” x 17” x 17” bag is an ideal size for a young player. The bag comes in a few different colours, so you can choose the style that your kid prefers. With seven pockets and a large main compartment, there’s room for all of their gear.

A sturdy carrying strap and collapsible handle with inline wheels make this bag easy to transport. Empty, the bag is just over 6 lbs (2.72 kg). It might get a little heavy once fully loaded, so the wheels are a welcome addition.

This bag is a perfect bag for taller youths or young teens. It might be a bit overkill for the under-6 category, so put the item on the back burner if you have a tiny skater.

The Northwest Company Officially Branded Collapsible Duffel

This bag is a great bag for the ultra-organized or casual player. When not in use, the bag collapses, making it easy to store when your equipment is put away or being worn. This duffel bag is 28”L x 11”D x 12” W, and collapses down to 12” x 11” x 1.25” when stored.

The bag also offers 13 different NHL team branding options, so your kid can rep their favourite team while improving on their own skills. The branding includes a screen-printed large team logo on one side and printed wordmark on another.

While this bag does not have a large number of compartments, the collapsibility function makes it an excellent choice for space-saving. The bag is perfect for local trips, although you might find the durability lacking for long-haul flights.

BSN Sports Deluxe Wheeled Bag

If durability is a must for your hockey bag, then look no further than the BSN Sports Deluxe. This wheeled bag is constructed with 600-denier polyester material, so you know it’s built to last.

A hand strap, padded shoulder strap, and concealed wheel handle give your kid many different ways to carry the bag. Wheeled options are the best when choosing a bag for a younger player, as they will not put a strain on their back as a carry-only bag would.

The bag also offers a massive main compartment for the big pieces of equipment and skates. At the same time, the large side pockets allow for extra organization. This bag measures 38” x 17” x 17”, so it’s best suited for older players who plan to travel a lot.

Jetstream 3-Pocket Hockey Equipment Duffle Bag

Our favourite customizable option, the Jetstream Duffle Bag, is an excellent choice if you are purchasing travel gear for the whole team. This bag comes in black or black with a highlight colour. The bag leaves plenty of space for custom team branding.

Fully loaded, this bag measures 36”L X 16”W X 15”H but can collapse down for storage, which puts it at a space-saving 10”L x 10”W x 2”H. It is a carry-only bag, but the bag itself only weighs 1 lb (0.45 kg), so carrying it empty won’t be a problem. The large main compartment offers simple storage of skates, helmet, other gear, and the jersey. At the same time, the smaller end pockets are perfect for mouthguards and water bottles.

If you plan to purchase bags for the whole team and have them embroidered with the team and/or player name, this bag is a perfect choice.

Easton Synergy Vented Heavy Duty Bag

Parents everywhere will benefit from this Easton Synergy Vented Hockey Bag. The venting system is critical, allowing for your player’s equipment to breathe before you get home. While it won’t wholly remove the dreaded gear-bag smell, it will make it, so the odour isn’t saved up for your garage.

This bag is one of the smaller options on this list, making it perfect for players 13 and under. A carry-only bag in this size will teach young players that hauling their own gear is part of the deal, without hurting their small frames.

The bag is also made of 600 denier polyester and DURA Hex ripstop. It should survive the tosses, overstuffs, and general wear and tear that your kid will put it through. We recommend this bag for any player aged 4-13.

Fitdom Extra Large Heavy Duty Sports Bag

Our number one choice for oversized bags, this duffle is perfect for the tall-teen or hockey playing duo. This bag measures in at 36”x15”x15” and can hold up to 80 lbs (36 kg) of equipment.

Though this bag would be too big for the average kid, if you have a class leader in size or siblings that are on the same team, this bag is a fantastic choice. It’s also an excellent option for goalies and their notoriously large gear.

The main compartment is a large pit that welcomes skates, helmets, pads, jerseys, and clothing for after the game. There are inner pockets for your phone and wallet, while smaller side pockets can hold keys and mouthguards. The bag also features MOLLE webbing for on-the-go attachments to the outside of the bag.

Because this bag is so big, it has two “team lift handles” so your kids can share the load. The extra-wide padded strap adds shoulder protection, while two compression straps buckle down your gear. The bag also has scratch-resistant fabric on the bottom to protect against wear and tear. Inseams are covered by additional binding, and four ventilation holes let wet gear breathe.

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle 3.0 Gym Bag

One of the best options for a first-time hockey bag is the Under Armour Undeniable Duffle. The bag offers a variety of colours so your young player can pick his or her favourite. The bag also comes in five different sizes (extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large) so you can select the right size for your kid.

This is a carry-only bag, but the reinforced straps and padded HeatGear shoulder area make lugging it around a breeze. Plus, the bag looks good enough that you won’t feel shy about carrying your child’s gear for them if they get tired.

The bag also features UA Storm technology, which “delivers an element battling, highly water-resistant finish,” and “tough, abrasion-resistant bottom & side panels.” This bag is an excellent option for the messy child (so, all of them) because the water-resistant finish will hold up to spills while the tough fabric won’t rip at the first drop.

AmazonBasics Ripstop Rolling Wheeled Duffel Bag

If you need a nearly bomb-proof bag, then this duffel from AmazonBasics is the choice for you. The Ripstop fabric offers 1680 deniers of protection from the elements, so the bag’s repeated use and abuse are no issue. The bag also includes 210 denier polyester lining, giving the interior another layer of protection.

A telescopic handle and inline wheels make this bag ultra-transportable, while two reinforced handles on the top give you a firm grip when loading and unloading the bag into a vehicle.

The bag comes in three sizes, 28 inches, 32 inches, and 37 inches. We recommend the 28-inch bag for hockey players aged 4-7, the 32-inch bag for players aged 7-12, and the 37-inch bag for 12 and up players. Each of these sizes includes the one-year limited warranty offered by Amazon.

Champion Sports Wheeled Equipment Bag

This sports bag is an excellent product from a trusted brand, Champion. Like others on our list, this equipment carrier offers intense ripstop nylon protection. We particularly like this feature as youth players tend to be rougher on their gear than anyone else.

This bag is also great as it offers duffel-style access points, combined with the ease of mobility of a rolling suitcase. If telescoping handles annoy you, then this bag’s easy-grip handle for rolling will be a favourite.

Like many on this list, this product is useful for multi-sport endeavours, too. The large compartment is suitable for hockey players who also play soccer, football, lacrosse, and more. However, the bag only comes in black, so it might not be very exciting for the younger hockey crowd.

Hockey Canada Official Hockey Equipment Bag

If your kid’s favourite team happens to hail from the north, then this Hockey Canada official bag is the perfect one for them. This bag is one of the more simple options on our list, with no crazy pockets or attachments. What this product does offer, however, is reliable construction, cool branding, and ease of use.

For young players aged 13 and under, this bag is perfect. It has short carrying handles, meaning that it won’t sag down to the floor when your son or daughter is holding it. It has plenty of space for all of their gear in its 30 x 20 x 15 inches of interior room.

Most children won’t be bothered by the lack of compartments. Still, teens 14 and up might find themselves wanting more organization options. We recommend this as a durable and affordable starter bag for kids who are fans of any of the northern teams.

Ealer Hockey Stick Bag

No hockey bag list would be complete without the inclusion of a bag for your hockey stick. For children’s hockey sticks, our favourite bag is the 59” bag from Ealer. It includes an easy-sling shoulder strap for one-sided carrying with velcro adjustments for your child’s shoulder height.

With three kid-friendly colours to choose from, this stick bag is a hockey gear staple in your kid’s closet.

Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag

While this article focuses on hockey bags, we wanted to include a skate bag option as well. This Athletico Ice Skate Bag is a no-brainer when it comes to the category. The product has six fun colours and patterns to choose from and packs a lot of features into such a small bag.

The bag has two large pockets for the skates and an inner pocket for a change of clothes, gloves, or other gear. The exterior has a small zippered pocket for keys or mouthguard, and a mesh pocket for a water bottle. The shoulder strap on this bag will also allow your child to carry it without struggling.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Bag

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a hockey bag for your child. We have taken many of these things into account when making our selection for the best bags on the market, but ultimately it will be up to you to choose the right bag for your kid.


Choosing the right sized bag for your child is imperative. A bag too big, and your kid will be struggling to carry it, a bag too small, and they won’t be able to stuff all of their gear inside. It’s a good idea to take your young player into a store to see what size bag is realistic for them to lug around.

Alternatively, you can test it out with some bags that you have at home. Even if they aren’t hockey bags, you can find out what size of suitcase your kid can lug around, and then look for a hockey bag with the same measurements.

Another way to find out what size of hockey bag that your child needs is to take all of their hockey gear out and pack it together on the ground. When you have the equipment in a pile, measure the pile’s length, width, and height. You can then use those dimensions as a general guideline when you are shopping. If your player is growing quickly, you may want to size up so that their bag will fit their future, larger gear.


A huge component of sports equipment is durability. You don’t want to buy a product that is going to break before the season ends. The toughest bags offer heavy-duty ripstop nylon and strong polyester layers. Look for double seamed stitching and sealed inner seams.

Extra factors in durability include reinforced bottoms of the bags, so the constant plunking of them on the ground won’t rip them open. We also like to see thick zippers, product warranties, and water resistance.


A considerable concern when it comes to children is their comfort. You definitely don’t want to order a bag that has abrasive straps or sharp handles. Instead, look for wide, padded shoulder straps and ergonomic handles. The more handles, the better, as it allows for your child to pick which grip is the most comfortable.

Carrier Type

There are two main types of luggage: carry and rolling.

Carry containers usually use a combination of small handles directly next to the bag, and long shoulder straps to sling the bag on your back. Shoulder straps are a favourite for hockey players of all ages, as they provide hands-free transportation. This lets your youth lug his hockey stick in one hand and high five his teammates with the other.

Rolling bags usually have the same small handles connected close to the body of the bag. These allow the bag to be picked up and easily moved from the family car to the team bus. The main feature of these products, though, is the rolling ability. Wheels on one side of the bag allow it to sit on the ground and be wheeled around. These bags often have a telescoping handle, which helps with storage.

Wheeled hockey bags are an excellent option for kids, as they make it easier for the children to move large amounts of equipment without having to strain their backs. One of the only downfalls of the wheeled bags, however, is the fact that it takes up one of your hands. This can be annoying while travelling, and especially if your other hand is taken up by a hockey stick.

Ask your child which they prefer, and let them test out some pieces of travel luggage that you have before you make the purchase.


An always important factor, price is taken into extra consideration for equipment for kids. It’s a fact of life that children rapidly outgrow their clothing and gear, so it’s not a good idea to spend too much money on any one thing.

Hockey is already one of the most expensive youth sports, so there’s no need to make it more costly by choosing an overpriced hockey bag. The container is an essential accessory, yes, but not nearly as vital as the hockey stick or safety equipment.

Special Features

Another wise thing to consider when shopping for your child’s hockey bags is any special features the product may have to offer. Some of the products on our list include fantastic features like:

  • Collapsibility. Great for storing the bag when not in use, or stowing it away in a locker room.

  • Warranties on any product are welcome, but especially on sports gear for kids.

  • Expandable compartments. Allow for more customizable experiences with the product.

  • MOLLE webbing is a type of load-bearing equipment attachment technology most commonly used by the US military. It involves hooking objects onto sturdy nylon webbing on the outside of a bag or jacket, and your kid can utilize the exterior space of his hockey bag as much as the interior with this added feature.

  • Vents are a fantastic addition to any hockey bag. They allow the wet gear to breathe and help to inhibit the growth of smelly odours and mildew.


One last important thing to take into consideration when buying a hockey bag for your kid is the other things he or she might use it for. Yes, most hockey bags will stay hockey bags once the smelly gear has been put into it, but that doesn’t mean your kid won’t use it for other things.

Does the bag also need to serve as a piece of luggage? Does your child need room for after-game clothes? Will your youth use it for another sport in the offseason? Asking all of these questions will help you make the right purchase.

Hockey Bag Accessories

Now that we’ve gone over the best hockey bags for kids on the market, and some of our tips for shopping, let’s look at the extras that you might want to purchase for your child’s sports container.


One of the best things to do for your own mental health is to equip your child’s new bag with deodorizers from the start. This will help to battle stench before it even starts. There are a few different options for deodorizers.

Eco-Fused Deodorizing Balls

These deodorizing balls are the perfect solution to stinky gear. Simply twist the balls to release the Ocean Fresh scent, and throw one or two into the hockey bag when your kid gets home. The balls only need to be used a few hours at a time to give off their anti-smell properties effectively.

You can also reseal and reuse the balls, allowing them to last for up to 2 months before needing to be replaced.

Newbea Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizers

This product uses the air-purifying qualities of charcoal to rid the gear of its nasty scent. For extremely easy deodorizing, throw one of the bags into your teen’s hockey bag and leave it there. Periodically switch the charcoal sacks out, and place the unused ones in the sun. This will allow the product to recharge.

This product is especially great as one bag can last for up to two years. Once this time has passed, you can simply cut open the bag and spread the charcoal into your garden. What’s better than an earth-friendly and nose-friendly purchase?

Vapor Fresh Natural Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray

If you’re more of the spray-and-go type of person, this anti-odour spray is an excellent product to have on hand. The botanically based spray is “completely free of artificial fragrances, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, ruin your equipment, or harm the environment.”

Spritz your kid’s bag and equipment before practice, and as soon as they get home to provide the most effective anti-odour treatment.


Carabiners are an undervalued accessory for hockey bags. These closed-hook devices allow your child to attach all sorts of extras to their bag. A carabiner can easily hold a water bottle, a pair of gloves, keys, a flashlight, or any other tool that is valuable to have on hand. These Gimars Spring-Loaded Carabiners are the perfect colourful addition to your kid’s hockey bag.

Name Patch

Every young player should have their name embroidered on their bag. Not only does this help them identify their belongings quicker, but it makes them feel special, too. This 11x4 Tactical Identification Patches Tactical ID Patch is large enough to make a statement on your child’s bag.

Luggage Tag

Similar to the name patch, a luggage tag can help your child identify their hockey bag. It also serves the purpose of providing the information of the owner of the bag if it gets lost. We recommend using a parents’ cell phone number for the contact information, however.

Order this colourful ten pack of Sodsay Luggage Tags and have enough for your kid to share with his team.

Tile GPS

One of our favourite additions to any piece of travel luggage or any product of value is a location tracker. How many times has your kid inexplicably lost something? How many times has that thing been something so large, you thought it was impossible to lose? Save yourself the headache by purchasing a location tracker.

The Tile Essentials 4-Pack is a great purchase to get multiple trackers in one go. Tile products use Bluetooth to deliver the location of the item to an app on your cell phone. The use of Bluetooth technology (vs. GPS) is why the products can be so affordable.

Put one in your kid’s bag, and some on their gear or helmet, if they are really prone to losing things.


Putting your kids in hockey will help them develop lifetime skills and bonds that will improve their childhood. Giving them the right gear will allow them to focus on these important benefits instead of fumbling with subpar equipment. The hockey bags listed above are some of the best bags on the market. Choose any one of them to give your child the tools to succeed.