The Most Comfortable Junior Skates on The Market

The Most Comfortable Junior Skates on The Market

Most Comfortable Junior Hockey Skates

Finding the perfect pair of junior skates for your child can help them to have a great hockey season, especially if their skates are comfortable and durable. The right skates can make practice enjoyable, meaning that your child can focus on what they’re learning on the ice instead of thinking about icing their feet afterward.

In this article, we’ll help you find the most comfortable junior skates for your child. Our list includes skates at every price point with a variety of features, so you’ll be sure to find a pair that is a perfect fit. Keep reading to find the pair of junior skates your child will love!

  • CCM JetSpeed FT2
  • Bauer Supreme 3S
  • CCM Ribcor 80K
  • True TF9
  • Bauer Vapor 2X Pro
  • CCM Super Tacks 9380
  • Bauer Vapor X2.9
  • CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro
  • Bauer Supreme S29
  • CCM JetSpeed FT470

Skates for Intense Training - CCM JetSpeed FT2 Junior Skates


  • Tapered fit that suits average-sized feet
  • CCM OrthoMove footbed for comfortable arch support
  • LiteFrame 360 Evo for improved power and speed
  • Metatomic tongue with comfort pad
  • TotalDri Pro+ liner


The CCM JetSpeed FT2 is perfectly suited for serious hockey players. It has multiple features that make intense training sessions comfortable, including footbed inserts for customized arch support and a moisture-wicking liner to keep your child’s feet in tip-top shape during practice.

Additionally, the CCM JetSpeed FT2 is made with LiteFrame 360 Evo technology. This skate’s frame is made from one solid piece, without stitching or glue, resulting in a fit that feels like a second skin. Finally, the skate has a special tongue that keeps the laces from irritating and a comfort pad along the top to keep the collar of the skate super comfortable.

These specialized features make the CCM JetSpeed FT2 the ideal choice for the child that has multiple practices each week. The skate is comfortable and durable, sure to stay strong and last for years. Reviews note that after a quick break-in, these skates practically hug the feet.
Though the CCM JetSpeed FT2 are not the cheapest junior skates on the market, consider them an investment for your child with a passion for ice hockey.

Flexible Skates - Bauer Supreme 3S Junior Skates


  • 3D Lasted Flex boot
  • Pro TPU outsole
  • Motion flex
  • High flex rating
  • 4-Zoned Radii Power Profile
  • Available in narrow, standard, and wide fits


The Bauer Supreme 3S is built to be a comfortable and flexible boot for your child. Several specialized features emphasize flexibility, with just the right mix of stiffness and pliability to keep their movements strong without hurting their feet. The junior sizing is available in three options so that your child can find their perfect fit:

  • Narrow
  • Standard
  • Wide

Another addition to the Bauer Supreme 3S is the Motion Flex fiber built into the boot, providing support that encourages your child to be comfortable as they adapt to the correct posture with their knees over their toes. On top of the impressive flexibility features, the Bauer Supreme 3S includes zones on the blades to adapt to any movement.

Each feature on this boot is meant to keep your child comfortable in every situation. It’s an excellent choice for your child to grow with, as the flexibility will adapt as they learn more advanced speeds and movements.

Reviewers note that these affordable skates are very comfortable and easy to wear. They have excellent ankle support, meaning they’ll be a perfect option for lengthy practices. Additionally, these skates also work well on both ice and synthetic ice surfaces. Some reviews even mention that their child seems to move faster in these lightweight, flexible boots!

Skates for Any Level - CCM Ribcor 80K Junior Skates


  • ADPT Memory Foam Padding
  • Smooth Contour Pro Padding
  • Tritech Pro tongue
  • CCM OrthoMove footbed
  • Flexframe technology
  • Versatile fit


The CCM Ribcor 80k skates are built to be comfortable for a variety of sizes. The flexible boot is made to fit a range of foot sizes, making it ideal for increasing strength on the ice while also staying adaptable as your child grows. The perfect balance between flexibility and stability offered by these skates would give your child extra power out on the ice without sacrificing comfort.

One prominent comfort feature in the CCM Ribcor 80K boots is the ADPT memory foam padding, giving ankle support that’s ideal for lengthy practices. In addition, this boot has the CCM OrthoMove footbed, which offers customized arch support and padding. Even better, this boot has Smooth Contour Pro padding along the collar of the boot for extra ankle support and comfort.

Additionally, the CCM Ribcor 80K boot has a Tritech Pro tongue, a triple-layered tongue that provides superior protection during practice. This additional layer of support means that your child won’t have to worry about being hurt from rogue pucks or sticks during practice.

One reviewer noted that the CCM Ribcor 80K boot was the first boot they’d tried in years that allowed them to skate without any foot pain. Many other reviews emphasize that this boot would be an excellent fit for many levels of skating due to its flexible and comfortable design.

Skates with a Customizable Fit - True TF9 Junior Skates


  • TRUESHELL Tech built into the boot
  • Inserts for customized arch support
  • HydroFoam liner insoles
  • T-Guard tongue insert


The True TF9 is built with proprietary TRUESHELL technology, meaning that this boot is made out of a thermoformed carbon fiber one-piece shell. This technology provides improved performance and protection, even around the toe box. With the True TF9, any weak points are protected and supported on the ice.

In addition, the True TF9 has customizable inserts for maximum arch support. To make this customization even easier, the sole is marked to help you find optimal positioning for:

  • Low arch support
  • Mid arch support
  • High arch support

The sole even has an antimicrobial lining to keep your child’s feet dry and comfortable – a must for long practices and games.

Keeping with superior protection, the True TF9 has a built-in T-Guard tongue insert, providing additional protection from lace bite. The sleek build of the boot doesn’t just look great – it will keep your child going strong for hours on end. Each component of the True TF9 is built to prioritize safety and comfort.

Reviews emphasize that these boots are incredibly comfortable. They also note that the True TF9’s are built with excellent construction and blade quality. The True TF9’s are sure to be a stylish, sleek choice that will keep your child’s feet protected during intense matches.

Skates that Improve Stability - Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Junior Skates


  • Dynaflex system in the design
  • Aero Foam Pro padding
  • Lock-Fit Pro liner
  • Recoil Pro tongue


The Bauer Vapor 2x Pro skates have a lightweight, low-profile design for increased control and maneuverability. They have an asymmetrical design that gives the boot a lower volume, which has been shown to improve stride. The boot is extremely easy to mold to the wearer’s foot, making it comfortable for a range of foot sizes and shapes.

These boots are lined with Aero Foam Pro padding throughout, which creates a comfortable wearing experience every time. The padding is so effective at providing comfort because the memory foam forms a plush ankle padding to improve fit. To round out the boot’s padding features, these boots have a Recoil Pro tongue to further protect the top of the foot from uncomfortable lace biting.

In addition to the padding, this boot has even more features meant to improve comfort by keeping feet from moving within the boot. The Bauer Vapor 2x Pro has a grip feature along the heel cup and toes to hold feet in place. Another anti-slippage feature included in the boot is the Lock-Fit Pro liner, designed to secure the foot as it wicks away moisture and extends the life of the boot.

Reviewers rave about the fit of the Bauer Vapor 2X Pro. This boot has even helped improve the skating technique of some wearers because the gripping features keep heels locked in and prevent soreness. Veteran skaters note that this boot is truly special due to the secure fit and comfort padding. This boot is an excellent choice for expert hockey players who spend lots of time on the ice.

Affordable High-Performance Skates - CCM Super Tacks 9380 Junior Skates


  • MetaFrame RFM boot
  • DuraZone Abrasion Protection
  • TriTech tongue
  • Total Dri Pro liner


The CCM Super Tacks 9380 boots have a medium build that is suitable for the average foot. The boot is crafted out of a composite NHL caliber material that can be heat-treated for the perfect fit. The MetaFrame technology is less stiff than some of CCM’s other boots, providing a flexible but sturdy skating experience.

These boots have a built-in DuraZone abrasion protection patches within the liner, which is made to prolong the life of the liner. The Total-Dri Pro liner is also placed within the boot to keep the wearer’s feet secured and comfortable. While the boot has vents built into to prevent moisture, the Total-Dri Pro liner also works to wick away additional moisture. Your child will be able to work hard during practice without worrying about their feet getting too sweaty.

The CCM Super Tracks 9380 are stable without being heavy, letting your child move with confidence. These skates have just the right amount of stiffness for young skaters and are made to transfer energy well. In fact, this boot from CCM is comparable to the brand’s more expensive AS3 Pro model but at a much more affordable price.

Reviews mention that the CCM Super Tacks 9380 provide a great fit and give a pain-free skating experience. They emphasize how comfortable they feel on top of their excellent quality. These boots are a perfect choice for young players who are starting on the ice because of their balanced weight and comfortable features.

Lightweight Skates - Bauer Vapor X2.9 Junior Skates


  • PerformFlex system built-in to the boot
  • 3D Lasted Tech Mesh quarter system
  • Performance fit system suits a variety of sizes
  • Comfort Edge
  • Aero Foam padding
  • Form-Fit+ footbed
  • Hydrophobic microliner


The Bauer Vapor X2.9 are an excellent choice for young players who play hockey a few times a week, as they are less advanced than boots meant for elite hockey players. However, they are still built with some key features that make them an excellent budget-friendly skate.

These boots are built with PerformFlex technology to suit a variety of feet sizes and shapes. Plus, the 3D Lasted tech mesh quarter system makes the boot easy to bake and shape for a further customized fit. With these customizable features, your child is sure to achieve a perfect fit to improve their performance on the ice.

Inside the boot, the Bauer Vapor X2.9 has a Form-Fit+ footbed made from memory foam for a very comfortable feel from the very first step. The boot is lined with a hydrophobic microliner that resists moisture buildup, keeping your child’s feet as dry as possible during their game. This boot is lined with additional Comfort Edge and Aero Foam padding along the heel and ankle for customized support to make the boot even more comfortable.

All of these features contribute to the Bauer Vapor X2.9 skate having a high rating for quickness and power. They are an excellent choice for skaters that are looking for a lightweight boot with less stiffness than elite skate models. Reviews note that these affordable boots would be the perfect starter boots for young hockey players because they are precisely right for less intense weekly use.

Skates for Elite Players - CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Junior Skates


  • MonoFrame one-piece carbon composite build
  • Total-Dri Pro liner
  • Customizable Xchange tongue
  • DuraZone Abrasion protection
  • OrthoLite UltraLite footbed


The CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro hockey skate is genuinely a boot meant for the advanced hockey player. This boot is engineered for a customized, seamless fit to improve speed. With a one-piece construction, this hockey skate is meant to conform to the wearer’s foot perfectly to increase energy transfer on the ice.

A new feature to the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro is the option to customize the tongue. The interchangeable XS Tongues vary in thickness and can be switched out as needed for the perfect level of comfort and protection for your child, with tongues ranging from 4mm to 10mm in thickness. Each tongue will form to the wearer and protect from lace bite.

Another updated feature in the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro model is the OrthoLite UltraLite footbed. The footbed is streamlined to be extremely lightweight without compromising on comfort. The Total-Dri Pro liner combined with the design of the footbed is meant to prevent moisture buildup while keeping feet secured and stable. To round off these impressive comfort features, the skate also has thicker padding around the ankle and collar to prevent abrasions.

Overall, the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro hockey skate is an impressive option for serious junior hockey players. Reviewers note the exceptional quality of the skate, which makes the skates feel as great as they look. Overall, these boots are lightweight but are stiff enough for advanced hockey players. While the boots are definitely an investment, they are built to endure tough training.

Highly Durable Skates - Bauer Supreme S29 Junior Skates


  • Affordable but high-quality
  • Form-Fit+ thermoformable technology
  • Memory foam padding around the ankle
  • Hydrophobic grip microfiber lining
  • 3D Fiber composite quarter package


The Bauer Supreme S29 are an excellent upgrade for hockey players who are learning to be more aggressive on the ice. They have Form-Fit+ technology that makes the boot thermoformable for an anatomical fit that hugs the foot and prevents slipping. This helps the boot to have a bit more flex without losing durability.

The outsole on the Bauer Supreme S29 is formed from a fiber composite TPU material, which lends this skate an extra advantage. When worn, this boot allows for an improved experience by increasing torsional stiffness, striking just the right balance between rigidity and comfort.

Additionally, the Bauer Supreme S29 has padding features to increase comfort. These include a memory foam padding around the ankle for support, as well as a thick tongue to prevent lace biting. This model also has a microfiber lining along the inside that grips the foot for top-of-the-line stability.

Reviewers note that this is the perfect hockey skate for the skater who is looking to level up their performance. These skates are built to reduce power loss and improve the stride of the wearer, making them an excellent choice for hockey players that are advancing their skills. As an added bonus, the Bauer Supreme S29 skates are one of the most affordably priced skates from a trusted brand.

Best Skates for Beginners - CCM JetSpeed FT470 Junior Skates


  • Low-profile
  • Metaframe technology
  • Lightweight Rocketframe material
  • Smooth contour padding
  • DuraZone Abrasion protection


The CCM JetSpeed FT470 hockey skates are an excellent choice for beginning hockey players. Their low-profile build is made from Rocketframe material that is lightweight and can be thermoformed for an even better fit right out of the box. These hockey skates are a good choice for reliable speed and power on the ice.

While this hockey skate is not as stiff as more advanced models, it’s a comfortable choice for beginners that still provides reliable support. Like other CCM models, the CCM JetSpeed FT470 includes memory foam padding around the collar and ankle of the boot to improve fit and provide additional stabilization. For added comfort, the tongue on these hockey skates also protects from lace bite.

Most importantly, the CCM JetSpeed FT470 is built to be durable. The lining includes DuraZone Abrasion to prolong the life of the boot and keep the wearer comfortable. Though this model lacks some of the advanced features found in elite hockey skates, this is an affordable choice that will be perfect for the less intense hockey player.

Reviewers mention that the CCM JetSpeed FT470 is an excellent mid-line skate. Many are surprised at how comfortable these skates are, noting that they are not super stiff but still offer great support. Overall, these hockey skates are perfect for lower-level use, and the affordable price means extra room in the budget for additional hockey gear.

What to Consider When Buying Junior Hockey Skates

While the number of hockey skates on the market might seem intimidating, keeping a couple of factors in mind when buying your child new hockey skates will allow you to narrow your search. Knowing what level of experience your child has in hockey as well as how often they’ll be on the ice can help you find the pair of hockey skates to best suit your child’s needs.

Your Child’s Level of Hockey Experience and Training Needs

If your child is an advanced hockey player, their needs will be different than a player that is just starting out. More advanced hockey skates include high-end features that improve their performance. On the other hand, skates meant for beginners won’t have as many bells and whistles but are just right for helping your child get used to being on the ice.

For example, most skates meant for advanced users tend to be stiffer because they are intended to stand up to the rigorous demands of a hockey player that uses them at least four times a week in intense practice. But that level of stiffness in the hockey skates might just feel uncomfortable for a hockey player that is starting at a lower level and only practices a couple of times each week.

The Price of the Hockey Skates

Hockey skates can be expensive, but they are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in hockey. When the amount of use is taken into account from practices and games, a durable pair of hockey skates is likely worth the investment.

However, the addition of high-performance features will make hockey skates more expensive, which is why starter hockey skates tend to be more affordable than elite models. If it’s your child’s first year playing hockey, it would be best to try a starter hockey skate first until your child is ready to move up.

Although it’s natural to want the best for your child, the most expensive hockey skate won’t always be the best choice for your child in the beginning. Rather than judging by the price tag, check the features of the hockey skates to make sure they would suit your child’s level of experience and training needs.

The Fit of the Hockey Skates

Some hockey skates are built for specific foot types. One model of skate might be better suited for narrow feet, while another is specially sized for wider feet or feet with high arches. Before settling on a hockey skate, make sure that the fit profile for the skate is suited for your child to prevent discomfort or injuries.

A Note on Junior Skate Sizing

Buying the perfect pair of skates for your child will be a significant investment, but keep in mind that junior skates are meant for a particular age range and shoe size. Typically, junior skates are meant for ages 7-13. They are available in sizes 2 to 6.5, with some having special width options for narrow and wide feet.

When buying new junior skates for your child, it’s best to err on the slightly larger size so that your child can grow into their skates as they continue growing, but don’t get them too large, or your child may get hurt. A good pair of skates are built to last for years!

How to Find the Best Fit

Although the skates listed in this article are all supremely comfortable, it’s always best to try them on in-person. After all, the best skates for your child are the ones that they feel the most comfortable wearing. Once the boots have been broken in, they’ll help your child adapt to any new technique and speed they may learn on the ice.

To find the best fit, try the following tips:

  • For a tight fit with room to grow in junior sizes, you’ll want to be able to fit a finger in the back of the boot right at the heel.
  • Another way to check the size would be to check that the big toe just touches the toe cap when the heel is all the way to the back of the boot.
  • Try walking around while wearing them to see how comfortable they are – your heel shouldn’t lift or move around when you walk.

Most hockey skates can also be heat-fitted, or baked, to make sure they fit perfectly. This process molds the hockey skate to better wrap around the wearer’s foot, ensuring a more comfortable fit that lasts. As a bonus, many hockey players report that baking new skates usually cuts the breaking-in time in half! This means that brand new out-of-the-box hockey skates will be entirely pain-free in no time.

Finding junior skates that fit well is the best way to ensure that your child is comfortable in them. A pair of comfortable skates that fit correctly will keep your hockey player blister-free and also prolong the life of the boot by preventing damage to the boot support. And, most importantly, a comfortable pair of hockey skates will mean your child can enjoy their time on the ice as their love for the sport grows!