Top 10 Bauer Youth Skates Reviewed: Which Are Best?

Top 10 Bauer Youth Skates Reviewed: Which Are Best?

Bauer Skates

One of the most critical pieces of gear that any youth hockey player needs to get right is the skates that they wear during play. Having the wrong pair can mean painful practices and games, as described in our why are skates so uncomfortable article. Knowing what skates to pick is essential, and Bauer is a great brand to consider.

The ten best Bauer youth skates should increase performance and bring comfort to any youth player. The hot Supreme Ultrasonic pair have been spotted around the NHL and is looking to be skates of the year. They feature a complete redo, including the Quad profile, Unibody sole, and titanium coated blades.

This article will review the top 10 Bauer youth skates and look at why the hockey equipment maker has maintained its prime market position. So, read on!

About the Best Bauer Youth Skates

Bauer dominates the ice hockey skates market, competing with CCM in the youth size categories. Other respected brands fail to cater to young players as much.

Fortunately, Bauer has three product lines that are packed with premium skates for your kids. These cover the entire player spectrum, accentuated on types of feet, levels of a youth’s game, and price.

The top 10 Bauer youth skates include:

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Junior Hockey Skate

These are the best overall Bauer youth skates. Coming in under the vapor product line, Bauer 2X Pro Junior Hockey Skates are built for performance and comfort. These skates give your young player an edge on the rink, seeing as they are designed with a Dynaflex system toe cap for an asymmetrical reduction of overall boot volume.

An integrated injected facing surrounds this hockey skate, offering better support and snug fit. Better fitting skates improve a young player’s speed and agility, enabling them to have better foot control.

A lock-fit pro liner keeps feet from slipping inside the boot and increases the 2X Pro skates’ durability. Inside the skate, you will get Aero Foam Pro padding that augments all-round fit and overall comfort.

Aside from memory foam, the Recoil Pro Tongue is another additional feature that makes this our overall best youth skates from the Bauer Vapor line.

The Vapor 2X Pro Junior Hockey Skates also features the Tuuk LS5 runner and Tuuk Lightspeed edge holder present on most Bauer skates. These serve to add to a young player’s height on the ice while giving them a comfortable feel and a longer life.

After the massive fan uptake of the Vapor 1X, the upgraded 2X Pro has a clean boot with an attractive runner and a genuinely custom boot. The junior skates help with quick turns and acceleration, making players truly hard to catch up to on the ice.


  • Designed within the vapor line’s low profile
  • Increased performance for young players with the Dynaflex system
  • Tuuk LS5 runner and Lightspeed edge holder by Bauer
  • Liner by Lock-fit Pro
  • Padding for added comfort and snug fit
  • Recoil Pro tongue for dryness and asymmetrical fit


  • Youth players growing feet can outgrow Lock-fit Pro liners sooner
  • Does not work well on large feet due to constricting ankle but a loose toe area

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates

For elite junior league hockey players, there is none better than the Bauer supreme 3S pro skates. These bladed boots are designed for the post-novice hockey puck driver with many rink hours under their belts.

The Supreme 3S is stiff yet responsive and features the Bauer 3D Lasted Curv boot made of composite materials. These highly comfortable pairs of junior skates help with effortless energy transfer with a flex rating of 80.

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Hockey Skates offer support and stability on the ice due to the boot’s lower profile. They are fitted with the Lock Fit liner that secures the foot snugly within the skate.

These junior skates are part of the new performance system fit by Bauer. They are available in a standard size and broader and narrower widths that ensure a young player gets the best possible fit.

Many features are present on the Supreme 3S Pro junior skates, including Bauer’s Tuuk LS Pulse blades made from premium grade steel. These blades assist players with a better angle of attack performance from the increased height and balance.

Extra glide ability is also accorded by the steel’s superior mirror polish finish that increases a young player’s speed. More moving power and forward flex are offered by features like the Reflex Tongue and Tendon Guard, as well as the Standard Facing present on these junior skates.

Starter to advanced junior hockey league players can move faster and more efficiently around the ice on these. Their Quad or 4-Zoned Radii Power Profile consists of zones placed throughout the boot that augment various movements.

One zone near the runner maximizes acceleration, while another is for speed. A third zone helps with stability, and the fourth will accentuate energy transitions.


  • Legendary Bauer supreme design profile
  • Quad or 4-zone power profile
  • Tuuk LS5 power blades of high grade superior polish steel
  • A composite boot with 3D Lasted Curv
  • Reflex tendon guard


  • Not suited for beginner or intermediate youth players

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Junior Hockey Skates

If what you are looking for is the best budget-friendly option for your junior skater, the Bauer Vapor X2.9 Junior Hockey Skates will impress.

These are well-made skates that have been recently added to the Bauer junior hockey gear catalog. The vapor profile skates are great for starters or consistent hockey players going through a growth spurt.

Intermediate players require a low profile and enhanced fit like these Bauer Vapor X2.9 Junior Hockey Skates. Featuring 3D Lasted tech mesh; these PerformFlex System skates are thermo-formable skate boots, they can be baked to reduce breaking in time.

Bauer’s performance fit system also features these junior skates, with high volume and wide widths even in junior sizing.

All feet sizes of young players will enjoy features like the Tuuk Lightspeed edge holder exclusive to Bauer skates. This adds extra height to the skates to increase a player’s overall ice performance.

However, the holder feature does not match up to the blade, which can be switched with a better one. Aero Foam padding and the Comfort Edge on the Vapor X2.9 Junior Hockey Skates make feet feel as though the boots were designed around them. Do not expect blisters and comfort issues with these junior skates.

A hydrophobic micro-liner helps to manage moisture within the skates, keeping feet dry on the ice. This gives a player added support, while the Form Fit+ footbed secures the foot and offers a softer feel.


  • Low Bauer vapor design
  • PerformFlex System and 3D Lasted Tech Mesh.
  • Form Fit+ footbed for snug securing and comfort
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder


  • They come with a low-quality blade

Bauer Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Skates

The most elite youth hockey players wear the Bauer Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Skates for their professional-grade and high-end performance.

Designed for the junior pro level—the Supreme 2S skates feature a 3D carbon Curv boot made from composite material for lightweight versatility. You can be assured that a young player’s foot will not overheat within the boot, which molds to feet to offer a custom fit.

The double material Lock Fit+ lining adds comfort and durability to these Bauer supreme profile junior skates.

With the 2S, your child’s ankles and feet are safe due to the speed plate 2.0 footbed that gives customized stability. High-density foam that is under a layer of felt makes up the three-piece, durable reflex tongue.

The Tuuk stainless steel runners and edge holders are one of the best in Bauer’s Supreme line of junior skates. You or your junior ice hockey player can quickly switch out the blade if need be with the seamless edge holder.

Bauer Supreme 2S Ice Hockey Skates Tuuk runners are made from the stainless street of the non-dulling variety made for durability.


  • Torsional stiffness support from a lightweight boot
  • Features the speed plate 2.0 footbed
  • Quick trigger replacement with the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder
  • Stainless steel runners that won’t dull easy
  • Composite boot with 3D carbon Curv


  • Foot Form Skates may have to be changed often on growing young feet
  • Memory foam pads for ankle fit may take some getting used to

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic

The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic youth skates are constructed from highly advanced carbon fiber composite material for maximum stride energy transfer. These junior skates feature the new Tuuk LS Pulse TI blade that is titanium coated for ultimate sharpness on the ice.

The Supreme Ultrasonic skates feature the Bauer Quad profile with four identified zones for blade customization to a player’s stride. The ultrasonic blade is tailored for speed, toe comfort, transition, and heel back to front support.

This is the stiffest and most supportive of Bauer supreme lineup of youth skates, offering exceptional energy transfer when skating after the puck.

Young players can have the maximum amount of stiffness with the Reflex Pro Tongue that offers more return energy in each stride. The skates are brand new for the next NHL season, and Bauer is holding up its aggressive performance and graphics with the Supreme Ultrasonic.

Power transfer has been focused on in the boot’s design. The ultrasonic skates feature the Reflex Tendon Guard, and Pro Tongue conserves energy to give 110% speed power into each stride.


  • Quad profile with emphasis on fast take-off speed
  • Tuuk LS pulse titanium blade for ice sharpness
  • Bauer 3D lasted Curv composite
  • Reflex Pro tongue
  • Thermo-formable for easier junior breaking in


  • Pricey
  • Maneuverability in corners can be hectic for novice players due to speed and stiffness

Bauer Vapor 1X Youth Hockey Skate

This is the skates that made Bauer shine on the ice last year, used by nearly 20 percent of youth players. These are the skates that skilled players rely on for the quickness and agility necessary to hone their skills.

Featuring an improved flex fit—the vapor 1X reigns perfect for taught turning and fast acceleration. These junior-league pro skates carry on the ultimate performance legacy from earlier Bauer classics like the vapor XX.

Bauer’s thermo-foaming inset has been incorporated into the tongue to create a snug, comfortable fit for easier forward flex. Aside from the Flex-Lock Pro Tongue, Bauer’s Lock-Fit Pro Liner keeps the foot locked in place and dry when on the ice, increasing energy transfer and reducing play within the boot.

This is a redesigned skate whose boot mimics natural ankle position without increasing stiffness for better support. It is made of Curv composite material from the OD1N performance labs to offer augmented heel and ankle support for second to none performance and comfort—lock fit pro liner and flex lock tongue for perfect molded foot fit.

Paramount ankle and foot protection are yielded by the X-rib materials that support the heel during those lashes and blocking shots. Your junior hockey player needs not to worry about being put on the sidelines because of foot injury with these skates.


  • Perfectly fit from foot molding
  • Boots made from Curv composite materials
  • Paramount foot and ankle protection
  • Lock Fit liner and Flex Pro tongue
  • Offers increased agility


  • Ideal only for low profile feet players who prefer shallow instep and heel
  • Much flatter boot with no additional height factor
  • No longer the in-season youth skate from Bauer

Bauer Supreme S29 Ice Hockey Skates

The Supreme S29 skate is best for a growing youth that needs something more durable for the attack game. If your junior hockey player wants to take the game to the next level, the Bauer Supreme S29 Ice Hockey Skates will do the trick and be budget-friendly.

Though the Supreme S29 youth skates are cheaper than other Bauer market offerings, you will still get much of the Canadian hockey equipment manufacturer’s outstanding quality.

Supreme S29 skates are best on-ice and are thermo-formable to give growing feet the snuggest fit. You can bake these skates, molding them to your young player’s feet.

A high-density metatarsal guard is offered by the thick comfortable tongue made from 48 ounce 2-piece materials. An updated lace bite guard made from high-density foam keeps the foot top protected on the ice with the supreme S29.

For the best power transfer, the memory foam pads lock in the heel and ankle. The Bauer Supreme S29 features the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder, which allows even young players to quick-release the runners.

Its LS1 runner is made from stainless steel and provides durability as well as excellent edge retention.


  • Hydrophobic microfiber lining for enhanced grip and water wicking
  • The stability offered by memory foam padding for heel and ankle lock-in
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge holder enables quick trigger replacement
  • Boot made from 3D composite fiber that is durable


  • On the heavier side compared to other same size Bauer youth skates

Bauer Supreme S27 Youth Skates

Part of the most recent Bauer collection, the S27 skates fall as the lower of the two youth-size offerings on the Supreme line. That should not translate to lower quality, as after the reduction of Bauer models per line, these have ended up as the best value for your money.

These best performing skates are available for your young players without breaking the coffers. Bauer’s S27 youth skates impress on the ice, equipped with Lightspeed stainless steel blades for carving comers.

The S27 youth skates are made using TrueForm technology and the same materials as the senior variety. They feature rigid torsion but moderate stiffness, for more decisive strides when punt driving.

The thermo-formable skates reduce break-in time as they can be baked to custom fit your youth’s feet. Lace bite and impact protection are provided by the 30-ounce tongue and memory foam pads that lock the heel in place.

An excellent young player’s choice, the Bauer S27, comes with moisture-wicking HD microfiber liner for added dryness and comfort.


  • Anatomically contoured for snugness that is consistent throughout the player’s foot
  • Insert guards and a 30-ounce tongue
  • Thermo-formable for the beginner or intermediate levels
  • 3D True-Form technology
  • Tuuk Lightspeed stainless steel blade and Pro II holder
  • Hydrophobic liner and memory foam pads that increase dryness and comfort


  • Medium width and volume total suited for players with very wide or narrow feet

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Youth Skates

This is high-end skate technology at a standard price. The X2.7 youth skates are made with Bauer’s comfort-flex system and 3D Poly carb materials that give the lightweight, comfortable feel with added flex.

Wrapped in microfiber and foam padding—the boots inside keep the foot dry and locked in place for a better transition. The 40-ounce tongue gives impact protection while augmenting on comfort.

Durable, higher energy transfer blades are the trademark Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Pro II. These youth skates combine all the features that a developing player requires at an affordable price.


  • Made from one-piece poly-carb 3D construction
  • Memory foam padding
  • Hydrophobic Microfiber lining
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Pro II holder and blade


  • May not fit all foot types

Bauer Vapor 2X Ice Hockey Skates

This is an excellent choice for the young but advanced player who will benefit from offering advanced high-end features. A carbon fiber composite quarter provides added stiffness for the boot, enabling efficient energy transfer.

A Bauer comfort edge padding within the boot also features in the Vapor 2X, and ankles are secured with memory foam padding. The skate is part of the tapered vapor fit featuring narrower heel and ankle but a standard sized toe box.

This is a fully thermo-formable skate that offers a personalized fit to make it more efficient and comfortable. You can be assured that the young player’s foot will not be wiggling and slipping inside the boot.

The 30 ounces felt tongue and foam metatarsal guard prevents injuries and lace bite, and a lock-fit liner helps secure the heel in place. This material also has moisture-wicking properties and will keep junior players’ feet dry on the ice.

Bauer’s vapor 2X youth skate features the Tuuk LS1 stainless steel blade alongside the Lightspeed II runner holder.


  • Tapered vapor profile that wide at the toe box but narrower on the ankle and heel
  • Thermo-formable materials for a customized fit and quicker break-in


  • The highest-priced of the Bauer youth skate range
  • Suits only advanced junior players with lower foot volume and narrow widths

Bauer: A Heritage of Redefining Ice Hockey

A manufacturer of ice hockey equipment, Bauer has been developing skates, sticks, gloves, helmets, and anything hockey since 1927. Recently acquired by the sports apparel giant Nike, Bauer was established by the family that owned Western Shoe Company in Ontario, Canada.

Bauer began breaking innovative ground when they produced the first boot skates with a permanently secured blade. This top line of skate was marketed as Bauer Supreme in the following years.

During the 1930s and 40s, the Bauer name was further popularized by Bobby Bauer. This was a family member by marriage who was a regular MVP for the Boston Bruins and later became a hockey Hall of Famer.

Bauer has three distinct brand lines that address hockey players’ differentiated needs or preferences from all walks of life.

These product lines include Bauer Supreme, Bauer Nexus, and Bauer Vapor. Bauer gives amateurs and professionals alike every piece of protective play equipment they may need on the ice within these categorized offerings.

Significant design differences make each line suited to a class of players based on body type, style, and preference. From the NHL, youth hockey groups to the beer leagues, you will find each Bauer brand category’s avid devotees.

Choosing the Best Bauer Youth Skates: A Buyer’s Guide

Your child’s versatility on the rink can be promoted by getting them one of the best top 10 Bauer youth skates. A season’s performance can hinge on the young player’s hockey gear quality, especially skates.

Encourage your youth to want more time on the ice by purchasing a pair of the best Bauer skates, enabling them to chart a success path. A lifelong love for ice hockey is natured at an early age, and you can’t equip them with just any run of the mill skates.

Selecting a top 10 skate for a junior league player is not the same as buying a pair for seniors. Knowing the difference between the three Bauer product lines, all of which offer similar gear except for helmets, is essential.

Here is a short breakdown of what each Bauer brand category offers, and what the best youth skates feature:

Bauer Supreme Youth Skates

This is the oldest of the Bauer product lines, having been around for nearly a century. Most young players start with Bauer supreme skates, which feature a contoured, anatomical fit.

Supreme youth skates fit with equal degrees of compactness all around the foot. These skates are medium fit from the ankle, heel, and toe box. Bauer Supreme skates are also mid-width and volume in comparison to the Nexus or Vapor youth skates.

Bauer Vapor Youth Skates

Bauer first released skates in the vapor line in 1997, adding sticks and other protective gear in the decade that followed. Youth skates in the vapor line feature a tapered fit, snug in some places but loose-fitting in other areas.

The vapor models, a contrast from the contoured supreme skate fit, are the lowest in user volume for the Bauer product lines. Youth skates in the vapor line are narrower and snug in the ankle and heel but featuring a standard toe box.

Bauer Nexus Youth Skates

The nexus skate line was rolled out by Bauer in 2012, a launch that included hockey sticks and protective gear. Bauer’s youth skates in the nexus line have a classic, more relaxed fit that’s a far cry from the vapor and supreme skates.

They are wider through the heel to the toe box and have a higher volume boot than the other Bauer series.

Why Are the Best Bauer Skates Important for Young Ice Hockey Players?

For every single piece of hockey equipment, what suits one youth does not necessarily mean it is great for another kid. That is very much true for the best top 10 Bauer youth skates.

These differences occur due to levels of skill, budget, playing style, and personal preference. You can’t set a metric on the best youth hockey skates, but there has to be a Bauer skate amongst them.


It is essential to keep these vital factors in mind when looking for youth skates. If your child has an ill-fitting helmet, they might be uncomfortable and have their play affected. On the other hand, improper skates would cause not only discomfort but also pain and probably injury.

It is your goal to encourage youth towards liking and playing more ice hockey. If the skates are wrong, a kid will not have much fun and may be turned off to the game. Allow youths to decide for themselves the merits of playing hockey without striking it out due to the discomfort of not wearing the best possible skates for them.