What Is the Best Youth Hockey Helmet To Get?

What Is the Best Youth Hockey Helmet To Get?

Best Youth Hockey Helmet

One of the essential pieces of equipment to own is a good helmet when it comes to playing hockey. One that can provide outstanding protection and is comfortable as the player will wear it for long periods of time, but what is the best helmet for a young hockey player?

The best youth hockey helmet to get is the Bauer Prodigy Youth Helmet Combo. It is highly rated in concussion tests, has a lightweight feel that adds to the comfort, and was made with youth in mind as it comes equipped with youth-specific features such as a quick-release chin strap.

Feature Rating
Overall Rating 96/100
Protection & Safety 98/100
Ease of Use for Youth 98/100
Comfort & Feel 90/100
Affordability 99/100

Pros of the Bauer Prodigy Youth Helmet

  • Designed with youth in mind to ensure that the helmet has youth-specific features that kids can use and adjust easily
  • High ratings within concussion tests, ensuring maximum protection is provided
  • Quick-release chin buckle straps that can be easily put on and taken off by youth
  • Quick-release facemask snaps that can be easily and quickly snapped on or off by youth
  • Adjustable snaps that make it easy for parents to adjust the fit of the shell and facemask of the helmet while the player grows
  • It comes with adjustable top-clips, which are the pieces that attach the cage to the helmet, allowing for a more customized cage fit
  • Equipped with J-hook mounts that can be used in four different positions that will enable for better cage placement, making it sit better, especially during impacts
  • Dual-density foam liner within the helmet that contributes to both added protection and comfort
  • Has a dual-ridge crown that allows easy airflow within the vents, that also adds to the protection that the helmet provides
  • Easy to use tool-free adjustments that help make adjustments quick and easy, especially for younger players
  • Comes in multiple colours, including black, blue, navy, pink, red, and white
  • Affordable and low in price compared to other youth Bauer helmets and youth helmets of other brands
  • The helmet comes as a combo with the cage, which guarantees you will get a cage that fits properly

Cons of the Bauer Prodigy Youth Helmet

  • Compared to other, more expensive youth hockey helmets on the market, it may not be as comfortable
  • It has been described as having a bulky feel despite the fact it is a very lightweight helmet

Features of a Good Youth Hockey Helmet

If you want to buy your kid the best youth hockey helmet available, the one we have mentioned above definitely fits that description. However, you may find yourself wondering how we have come to that conclusion.

Below we have outlined all of the features that make up a good hockey helmet, and we will let you know why each element is essential. You may also be interested in reading our article describing the best junior hockey helmets.


Head-on collisions or falls are among the most frequent accidents in the game of ice hockey, even in a youth game. Having a helmet that maximizes protection in any high-intensity head-on contact is essential to ensuring the player’s safety.

While all helmets are guaranteed to come with industry-standard protection levels, some seem to be better than others based on the type of padding within the helmet as it can lessen the force of any impact that occurs. Some different ways that helmets can aid in the protection of players heads is through:

  • Foam panels
  • Dual-density foam liners
  • Dual-ridge crown
  • Allowing for a customized fit with adjustments
  • MIPS Brain Protection Technology

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that experts still state that helmets may not prevent concussions. The forces that cause concussions affect the brain and have less to do with the outside of the head itself. We have another article outlining hockey concussion statistics and tips on how to prevent them.


While this feature is a little less important than the protection a helmet provides, it proves to be the most noticeable feature of a hockey helmet for a player. Depending on how comfortable the helmet feels, it can impact a player, especially a young one.

When a helmet brand takes into consideration the comfort of how their helmet feels on a player’s head, they typically consider:

  • The types, thickness, and softness of the pads that fit around the player’s head.
  • How the helmet fits around the player’s ears and if protective ear covers are necessary to provide relief.
  • The tightness of the helmet around the circumference of the player’s head.
  • How heavy or lightweight the helmet feels for smaller players and youth players because a lightweight helmet is necessary to prevent neck strain and provide comfort.

These aspects need to be considered when a brand is developing an all-around good helmet. Since a helmet will be worn for long periods of time and having one uncomfortable is enough to throw you off your game, it stands that comfort is one of the most essential features that a youth hockey helmet can provide.

Pro Tip: Always have the player test out the helmet in a sporting goods store before purchasing the helmet to ensure that for their size and preferences, that the helmet is comfortable.

Adjustable Sizing

When you are thinking about buying a helmet for a youth player, another critical feature to look for is the ability to adjust the sizing for two main reasons. The first is that kids will grow, even possibly within one hockey season. The other is that every kid has a different shaped head, so some may need more room in places that others do not.

Ensuring the helmet offers the ability to adjust the size or, more specifically, the fit around the chin is a great feature that will save you from buying a new helmet every time the player grows half an inch.

This also contributes to the helmet’s comfort and protection. While some kids may have the same sized head, the ability to adjust the fit slightly can provide an easy way for the player to ensure that the helmet fits them properly.

If it is slightly loose or tight in any area, this can be uncomfortable for the player and prove to be dangerous in any incidents as it will not be able to adequately protect the head as it should.

Tool-Free Adjustments

One of the best features on top of a youth hockey helmet having the ability to be adjusted is looking for one that has tool-free adjustments. If there is an adjustment that needs to be made at any time, it is very easy for a young player to do it as it will be easier to accomplish than if they needed to use a tool.

This also proves to be a more efficient way for adjustments to be made as you never have to worry about misplacing or forgetting any tools or screwdrivers, and a coach or any adult can quickly help adjust if needed in the middle of a game.


While this shouldn’t cause a complete deal-breaker when it comes to features of a youth hockey helmet, it definitely proves to be one that makes buying a youth hockey helmet that much easier.

While some hockey helmets come on their own, others come as a “combo”, which means that it comes with a cage. Whether or not it comes with one, though, cages are necessary pieces of equipment required to protect the player’s face from any pucks or sticks that may make it too close to their face.

If you come across a hockey helmet with the word “Combo” written at the end, you can be sure that you will not have to look elsewhere for a cage and that it comes with it and is included in the cost.

Different Colors

Depending on if there are any team requirements for helmet colours or not, youth players may be able to venture out and pick any colour they want.

While some only offer black or white, others may offer a wide selection and act as a great incentive to get a young player that much more excited about playing this team sport.

Why the Bauer Prodigy Helmet Is Worth It

If you are still wondering how the Bauer Prodigy helmet is the best youth hockey helmet to get for a youth ice hockey player, keep reading to find out about the many reasons why.

Rates High in Concussion Testing

With safety being at the top of the list of things that a helmet should provide a player with, finding one that can reassure you as being best as possible and within reason that the player’s head is protected is essential.

The Bauer Prodigy helmet, while a lower cost helmet, does not sacrifice this and comes highly rated in concussion testing. Although a concussion is, in fact, an acceleration or deceleration of the brain and cannot by any means be 100% prevented even with the use of a helmet, the Prodigy does a great job at providing excellent protection.

Through a dual-density foam liner and a dual-ridge crown, the helmet attempts to distance the player’s head and cushion it as much as possible from the shell of the helmet itself. As a result, this should shift most of the impact to the helmet’s shell and not the player’s head.

Provides Great Comfort for Youth

We all know that youth players may complain a little bit more than well-seasoned players when it comes to how equipment feels, so having a comfortable helmet that can be worn by a youth player for the duration of a game is essential.

The Bauer Prodigy attempts to provide maximum comfort in multiple ways. The first being the dual-density foam liners, that while designed for protection, also feel softer around the player’s head. The second is through its ability to adjust the shell and facemask to the size of the player’s face, which can allow the player to fit it around their head and their chin correctly.

This helmet also has a dual-ridge crown, that while again designed for protection, provides an easy airflow through the vents, which can help keep the player’s head as dry as possible from sweat that is guaranteed to occur. This can lessen the chance of a player’s head feeling itchy or just have a general feeling of being uncomfortable.

To top it all off, it is also a very lightweight helmet, which is critical for finding an excellent youth helmet as you don’t want them to hurt their neck or be annoyed by the fact their helmet is too heavy.

Made With Youth-Specific Features

When shopping for a hockey helmet for a youth player, having one that youth can use is typically something that is overlooked. However, this is not the case for the Bauer Prodigy Helmet, as it was designed with the youth player in mind.

Through tool-free adjustments, the player can quickly learn how to properly use and adjust the size and fit of the helmet independently, which can be beneficial if an adult is unable to help them and will aid in their confidence as a player.

Additionally, the helmet comes equipped with plenty of other youth-specific features such as a quick-release chin buckle strap and quick-release facemask snaps that can allow the player to take off their cage or helmet on their own.

Plenty of Opportunities for Adjustments

As mentioned previously, the Bauer Prodigy helmet has plenty of opportunities for adjustments to occur through both the adjustable snaps, top-clips, and potential to use any of four different J-hook mount positions.

Through this, as the player grows every season, or even possibly every few months, there is no need to invest in a new helmet, as they can easily adjust parts of the helmet, so it still provides an optimal fit as they grow.

While this may state the obvious, no player will always fit into a youth helmet. So, keep in mind that every season or two, depending on how fast the player is growing, a new helmet may be required to guarantee both proper protection and comfort for the size of their head.

Comes as a Combo

The Bauer Prodigy Youth Combo helmet comes equipped with a properly fitted cage at no-extra cost. While this may not be the most significant benefit of this helmet, it definitely makes buying it a straightforward option. Also, not having to pay extra is always a bonus.

Plenty of Colour Options

This helmet also offers six different colours that are not typical to find on low-price youth helmets. These colours include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Pink
  • Red
  • White

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about a hockey helmet:

Why Should I Buy a Good Helmet?

With some hockey equipment pieces, you can buy almost any kind of them, but a helmet is definitely not one of them. Having a good helmet, especially for a youth player, will provide better protection, comfort, ease of use, and the opportunity to adjust the helmet.

By having a good hockey helmet, you can guarantee that the player has nothing other than the game at hand to worry about. If the helmet has poor pads or is continuously pushing against the player’s ears, this can cause a problem, and the player’s focus can drift away from the game.

Additionally, having a good helmet can ensure the fit is optimal and can be adjusted at any time if needed, which contributes to both protection and comfort.

Overall, by having a good helmet, you can ensure that the player is protecting the most critical part of their body and is not irritated by the helmet’s feel, ultimately allowing them to be better players.

Are More Expensive Helmets Better?

Not necessarily. While it is entirely up to you how much money you wish to spend on a helmet, it is essential to note that a higher price-tag does not always represent better quality.

One thing you can guarantee is that all helmets are thoroughly tested for the protection it provides, so even the cheapest of helmets are going to be safe to use on the ice.

While the more expensive helmets may have taken a few extra steps to provide protection or comfort, it has been placed at a higher price. Still, no helmet can guarantee that a concussion will not occur.

Overall, you should expect that almost every helmet will do the same thing for the player, and if you are shopping for a youth player, you may want to wait until their head stops growing to invest in a more expensive option.

Final Thoughts

The Bauer Prodigy Youth Combo helmet proves to be the best hockey helmet for youth since it ranks high in protection and has a comfortable fit. It can also be easily used by younger players as it has plenty of youth-friendly features, and it can be adjusted to ensure a customized fit.

With the Bauer Prodigy helmet, not only will you be able to invest in a helmet that will last longer than others, you can guarantee that the player will be safe and protected when out having a great time on the ice.