Which Beginner Toddler Skates Are Best?

Which Beginner Toddler Skates Are Best?

Buying The Best Toddler Skates

Are you looking to buy your toddler their first pair of skates? It is never too early to get your child started with ice hockey or skating in general. Regardless of how old they are, you can train them to skate on the ice properly.

The best skates for beginner toddlers are those with ankle support and padding. You should get a pair of skates for your child that fits them properly because skates that do not fit can cause irritation or blisters. You can also get a pair of adjustable skates to grow with your child.

In this article, we will review some of the best ice hockey skates for toddlers. We will also provide some tips on finding a good pair of skates for your child, along with some safety tips.

Glacier by Jackson Ultima White Figure Ice Skates

This pair of figure skates is for toddlers and comes in three different sizes. They have a vinyl outer lining and a suede inner lining, which make them exceptionally comfortable. The blade is made out of a nickel, but be aware that there is not much ankle support. This is a basic pair of skates that is great for a true beginner who is just starting.

American Athletic Shoe Cougar Adjustable Hockey Skates

This pair of skates is one of the adjustable types I mentioned above. The blade is made of stainless steel. This hybrid-style skate has a removable inner lining that can be removed for drying as well as a locking buckle with a power strap so that it stays securely on your toddler’s feet.

To adjust the size, press the button after loosening the strap. You can slide the toe forward to give your toddler more space or slide it back if the skate is too big. Release the button to lock the skate into place. Adjustments can be made for up to four sizes, so it is perfect if you have two toddlers or children with two different sizes.

This pair is available in three different sizes:

  • X-Small: 6 - 9 Youth
  • Small: 10 - 13 Youth
  • Medium: 1 - 4 Youth

If you are unsure of what size your child needs, get a pair like these because you can adjust the skates as needed. Otherwise, you may need to make a return.

Lake Placid Starglide Girl’s Double Runner Skate

If you are looking for a pink pair of skates for your toddler, this is an excellent pair to choose from. It has double runner blades, which provide added balance, and a smooth vinyl upper with padding and a faux fur lining, which provide comfort and warmth. The blade is made of carbon steel and plated with zinc.

There are several sizes available, starting from J10. You won’t have to bother sharpening the blades as you would with other skates, and there is a low center of gravity, which helps boost stability, which is essential for beginner skaters.

Xino Sports Adjustable Ice Skates

This is another pair of adjustable skates, except that this one comes in two colours: blue and pink. This gives an excellent choice for your toddler to choose from.

The only size available on Amazon as of this writing is Small, which ranges from size 10 to 13, making it perfect for toddlers of all ages and sizes. At only $35, this pair of skates is not only cool looking but also extremely affordable.

These skates provide ankle support with their soft padding and come with stainless steel blades. The blades are already sharpened and ready to use and come with a protective cover. To adjust the size, use the button to lengthen or shorten the length of the skates.

Girls American Flower Power Double Runner Skate

If you want to make skating a little more fun for your toddler, consider buying this flower-themed skate. It’s from the famous Little Rocket Double Runner brand, featured in many parent magazines. Pricing starts at just $20, so it is very affordable, and you can even buy multiple pairs. Sizing is also true to shoe size, so it should be easy to get your toddler the correct size.

Boys American Chillin’ Double Runner Ice Skate

These skates come in a unique boot-like design, and they have double blades that were purposely placed wide apart to provide extra balance. It’s from the same brand as the previous pair of skates on this list, except that this pair has more of a darker tone. As before, sizing is true to shoe size, with sizes starting at 9.

A&R Bob Skates Double Runner Strap-on Skates

These are strap-on skates, which means they are meant to be attached to your child’s shoes. That’s why they are so inexpensive, at only around $15. The double blades are coated with zinc, and the strap-ons are adjustable. You can extend or shorten them based on the length of your child’s feet and shoes. A&R is a well-known sports brand.

American Athletic Adjustable Double Runner Skates

Most of the skates listed in this article start at size 9, so if your toddler’s size is even smaller, consider getting these strap-on skates, which are adjustable and can attach to shoes starting from size 6. They come in two colours, black and pink, so you can buy them for your toddler depending on which colour they like best. They strap on securely to your child’s shoes and can be taken off after skating.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Skates

A pair of skates, especially toddler skates, will usually have a cost ranging from $30 to $100. Knowing this can help you avoid overspending. For more details on this, we also have an article describing why hockey skates are so expensive.

Finding the right fit is essential. If the pair is too big, your child may develop blisters on their feet, which can happen if their feet rub against the skates’ insides. If the skates are too small, on the other hand, your child may develop irritation as well.

Keep in mind that ice hockey skate sizes are often one size smaller than regular shoe sizes. Your child’s toes should not be pressed into the front space of the skate, but there should not be more than one extra inch of space in the heel when the skate is untied (generally, if you can’t fit in your index finger, it is too small, but if you can fit in two index fingers, it is too big).

If possible, get a pair of skates that can be adjusted for size. This way, you won’t have to keep buying new pairs as your toddler’s feet grow. You can also use thick socks if the skates turn out to be too big; this will help add warmth.

If you do not know how to choose the right size skates for your kid, watch this short YouTube video:

You may also be interested in reading our article describing How To Know If Your Ice Skates Are Too Small

Tip: Skate Training Aids

You may also want to consider getting your toddler a skate training aid. The one we recommend is from Skateez as they are simple to attach to your toddler’s skate and help keep them standing while they are on the ice.

During their initial skating attempts, these can help boost your toddler’s confidence while skating as it will help prevent them from falling while they are out on the ice. You can find several more options available at the Skateez website.

How to Keep Your Child Safe

Always supervise your toddler while they are skating or playing ice hockey. Ensuring that their skates are securely fastened and not loose will help them maintain balance and prevent them from falling. After they finish playing, check them for injuries; common injuries include sprains, bruises, cuts, and fractures. Make sure your child has an excellent safety helmet that will help protect them from concussions. Make sure to strap on their helmet tightly.


No age is too young for ice skating. However, it is crucial to make sure your toddler has a pair of skates that are comfortable and which will keep their feet warm and support them as they play. There are many other great pairs of skates on Amazon, but the ones listed here are some of the best, whether your toddler is a boy or girl.