Is Floor Hockey a Sport? Let’s Find Out!

Is Floor Hockey a Sport? Let's Find Out!

You are probably most familiar with the game and sport of ice hockey, the globally recognized game that is played with two teams skating on an ice rink trying to score goals against the other team. However, are variations such as floor hockey considered a sport?

Floor hockey is a sport that is played similar to ice hockey and is an overarching term for many different variations. Each of which is competitively played with two teams against each other and has the primary goal of winning by getting more goals into the other team’s net.

Is Floor Hockey a Contact Sport? Let’s Find Out

Is Floor Hockey a Contact Sport? Let's Find Out

If you’re interested in ice hockey but don’t have access to an ice rink or would love a game of field hockey but don’t have artificial turf to play on, floor hockey may be the perfect game for you. By merely adding goals to an indoor gymnasium, you can enjoy floor hockey. However, you may be wondering, is floor hockey a contact sport?

Floor hockey is not a contact sport. Though limited shoulder checking is allowed, any use of force to check an opponent will lead to a penalty. This makes your floor hockey victories contingent on speed and strategy.