What Are The Best CCM Skates?

What Are The Best CCM Skates?

CCM Skates

If you’re a hockey player, then you naturally want skates that offer the best comfort, fit, and price without sacrificing quality and design. But what if you could find skates that are custom-fit to your unique foot size and dimensions? Wouldn’t that help you take your game to a whole new level?

CCM skates might be just what you’re looking for. CCM has lots of different skates for different budgets and experience levels. Some of their best skates are the:

  • Super Tacks 9370, the best all-around skates
  • Jetspeed FT1, the best for narrow feet
  • Ribcor 50K, the best goalie skates

So what are CCM skates? What are their benefits and drawbacks? What is the process of finding your perfect fit? And what are some of the best CCM skates on the market? Read on to find out everything you need to know about these premium-quality hockey skates.

What are the Best CCM Skates?

The answer will depend on a number of factors, including your foot type, experience and playing level, and sometimes even your position. But whatever your specific needs, chances are, CCM has a skate for you. Let’s look at some of the best CCM skates on the market.

Best Overall: Super Tacks 9370

The Super Tacks 9370 is a great all-around skate for hockey players at all different levels of experience and competition. It offers many of the same features as CCM’s more premium skates but at a more affordable price tag.

  • Far less expensive than many top-level options
  • The 9370 boasts the same one-piece boot technology that makes other Super Tacks skates so popular
  • Exceptionally comfortable to wear
  • Thick foam padding on the inside and a close, natural fit.

Constructed with high-quality materials and modern technology, this skate is durable enough for competitive hockey and provides excellent protection for the feet. Though all Tacks skates are specifically designed for wide feet, the custom design and snug fit will work for most foot types as long as you give the correct foot dimensions.

The combination of versatility, functionality, and affordability is what makes the Super Tacks 9370 our choice for the best overall skate.

Best for Wide Feet: Super Tacks AS1

The Super Tacks AS1 is CCM’s widest skate, offered in “EE” width. It is also taller than other CCM skates, providing better wrap-around ankle support for players with large foot dimensions. Like other Super Tacks models, the AS1 is a one-piece boot, which improves durability and makes it noticeably more lightweight than other hockey skates.

This highly-durable skate is intended for advanced hockey players, as it is one of CCM’s more expensive options. Other features of the boot include:

  • A memory foam interior, which naturally molds to the shape of your foot
  • A moisture-wicking interior lining to keep your feet dry
  • Long-lasting runners treated with oxide for extra durability.

If you’re an experienced player with wide feet, and you’re okay with paying a bit extra to get a quality pair of skates, the Super Tacks AS1 is your best option.

Best for Narrow Feet: Jetspeed FT1

Another advanced option, the Jetspeed FT1, was CCM’s first one-piece boot skate. It has remained a popular choice among advanced players and pros. It is one of the narrowest boots CCM offers, perfect for skinny, small, and less curvy feet.

The FT1 boasts all the same features of the AS1 above, including:

  • A multi-layered foam interior
  • Moisture-wicking liner and
  • Stiff-yet-snug fit
  • Explicitly designed for narrow feet; will not work well for larger foot dimensions.
  • Extremely lightweight design, great for fast skaters who don’t want their skates to slow them down
  • Tall steel blades that are highly durable and efficient;
  • A high-density tongue that adds to comfort and support.

Another of CCM’s more expensive options, the FT1, is perfect for advanced players willing to spend a bit extra for super-fast, high-quality skates.

Best Goalie Skates: Ribcor 50K

The Ribcor 50K goalie skates are top-quality pro skates at a mid-level price. “Designed to be CCM’s best goalie skate”, according to the company’s website, the 50K boasts several new-and-improved features over other goalie skates.

The 50K’s most notable features include:

  • Enhanced Pump technology, which improves comfort and offers a more personalized fit
  • An updated quarter package that allows for maximum agility and power
  • Super-lightweight cowling that allows for excellent reflexes and a strong push-off angle.

In addition, the 50K offers a unique lacing system so you can get the laces as tight as you need, every time. The skates are comfortable yet secure on your feet, and they allow for ultimate flexibility so you can move around with ease.

With premium features at a less-than-premium price, the Ribcor 50K is one of the best goalie skate choices CCM offers.

Best Beginner Skates: Tacks 9050

The Tacks 9050 skate has all the features of a perfect beginner’s skate: it is relatively inexpensive but durable enough for those looking to take their recreational skating to the next level. Boasting the same levels of comfort and quality CCM is known for, the 9050 is perfect for learning to play hockey without having to worry about the skate coming apart or wearing out after a couple of practices or games.

9050 skates come with:

  • High-quality stainless steel blades similar in design to the ones on more expensive, pro-level CCM skates
  • Thick foam interior
  • Moisture-wicking liner,
  • Stiff, supportive boot

While it isn’t the highest-level of skate on this list, it is a fantastic option for beginning hockey players because it’s a comfortable skate that won’t break the bank.

Best Intermediate Skates: Ribcor 80K

The Ribcor 80K is ideal for both intermediate and advanced hockey players. It’s an excellent choice for players who want speed and flexibility to be the heart of their game. These skates are the best of all worlds with a perfect blend of comfort and rigidity, power and flexibility. They will appeal to a wide range of players because they are so versatile.

These skates feature:

  • Flexframe technology in the quarter package, which produces a more robust and efficient stride
  • Memory foam ankle pads for comfortable support and stability.
  • Taller-than average runners that are oxide-coated to increase their lifespan.

All these features make for a great intermediate skate for those who have been playing for a while, perhaps competitively, but are still open to trying different kinds of skates.

Best Advanced Skates: Jetspeed FT2

The Jetspeed FT2 skates are perfect for advanced hockey players because they offer premium features, extreme durability, and remain dependable even with everyday use. Like other Jetspeed skates, they are best for narrow- to average-size feet.

The FT2’s features include:

  • Metatomic tongue that provides a close, comfortable wrap around the ankle
  • A boot that is lightweight but strong, offering more stability and protection than you might guess at first.
  • A one-piece boot, making it extra flexible and robust.
  • Speedblade holders which allow for quick and convenient blade changes
  • Oxide-coated runners for longer-lasting blades
  • A moisture-wicking liner that is second-to-none

The Jetspeed FT2 is a genuinely magnificent hockey skate. It is one of the more expensive options on this list, but it is well worth the money if you do a lot of skating on a regular basis.

Best Youth Skates: Jetspeed FT470 Plus Junior

For younger players who are serious about their game and even looking to pursue a pro career, the Jetspeed FT470 Plus Junior skates are a fantastic option. They are lightweight, easy to break-in, and come with several top features–all at a relatively mid-range price.

  • The stiff boots have removable holders so you can change out the blades if necessary
  • They also have air vents and moisture-wicking liners to help keep your feet comfortable and sweat-free
  • The double-tongue offers extra protection to the tops of your feet

While they certainly aren’t the most expensive skates on this list, they are not cheap. That said, you get a lot of value for the brand, and if you (or your child) are pursuing a future in hockey, they offer great value for the price. They are durable and will last for a long time.

For the serious and highly-competitive young athletes, these skates are the real deal. If you have narrow-to-average feet, the Jetspeed FT470 should fit comfortably.

Best Premium Option: Super Tacks AS3

If you’re an advanced or pro hockey player, you may be looking for the best of the best. If you’re willing to pay the big bucks to get it, the Super Tacks AS3 may just be your ideal pair of skates. These skates have all the features of other top of the line CCM skates, with some additional features.

  • The AS3 has a removable tongue, allowing you to change it out for a different tongue with more or less padding, depending on your personal preferences
  • The one-piece boot is highly efficient
  • Abrasion pads help the lining to last longer.
  • These extra features make this skate one of the best.

The Super Tacks AS3 is one of the most expensive skates CCM has to offer. Still, if you play at a pro-level or have frequent competitions and practices, you’ll be glad you spent the extra money.

Best Budget Option: Super Tacks 9360

If you want a good, durable pair of skates without spending the big bucks, the Super Tacks 9360 skates might be for you. They come with pre-sharpened blades so you can get out on the ice as soon as they arrive. They have good stability and a comfortable fit.

The Super Tacks 9360 is a more basic option without a lot of the fancy features. Still, they provide excellent quality for the price. If you’re a recreational hockey player and don’t have a lot of money to spend, these skates are a great option.

What are CCM Skates?

According to its website, CCM is “the largest hockey equipment manufacturer in the world”. It opened for business as Canada Cycle & Motor in 1899 and transitioned from manufacturing cycling supplies to hockey equipment in 1905. Since that time, CCM has only continued to grow in both popularity and experience.

CCM skates are premium-quality skates often used by professional hockey players; however, they are versatile enough and priced moderately sufficient for many different levels of competition. They are usually a preferred choice due to CCM’s custom fitting techniques, which make them an extremely comfortable skate.

CCM currently produces three lines of hockey skates: the Jetspeed, Ribcor, and Tacks lines. The primary differences have to do with the fit of the skates, but, as we’ll see later in this article, it isn’t quite as cut-and-dry as just picking a standard size.

For now, let’s take a closer look at each line.


Jetspeed skates have a tapered sort of fit–narrow at the toe line and slightly wider toward the heel. The boot wraps closely around the back of the ankle and over the toes for a close-fitting, secure boot with no wasted empty space.

Jetspeed skates are designed for players with average foot dimensions. The close fit and ergonomic design make for an efficient skate that allows you to get the most out of every stride. The material is stiff but comfortable, giving you the stability you need for fast strides and confident turns.


Ribcor skates are highly flexible, with a close but rounded forefoot and symmetrical boot shape. The boot is less stiff than Jetspeed and Super Tacks skates, making it versatile for many different levels of play and able to handle most situations in a hockey game.

Ribcor skates are designed primarily for players with narrow feet and toes; that said, due to CCM’s custom fit process, they can fit well for players with any kind of foot dimensions. Regardless of foot size, Ribcor skates are perfect for quick and agile skaters who don’t like the more restricted feel of a stiffer boot.


Tacks skates are multi-layer skates with a wider forefoot and more relaxed, anatomical heel. They provide maximum comfort and support for players with larger foot dimensions. Like the Jetspeed skates, Tacks skates wrap closely around the foot for a snug, secure fit. This excellent foot-to-skate contact makes them highly maneuverable and flexible.

Though designed specifically for larger feet, Tacks Skates are considered an excellent all-around skate for any foot size. They are comfortable but stable, suitable for quick, confident strides and turns, and highly efficient.

What Sets CCM Skates Apart from the Competition?

While they may not be the most expensive hockey brand, CCM skates are premium-level skates that come at a premium price. So the big question is, are they worth the money? What is it that makes CCM skates unique?

They Have High Quality

All CCM skates are made of top-quality materials that can handle a lot of stress. Their durable build helps them hold up game after game, year after year. Because they are built for competition, they are perfect for competitive youth leagues, school competition, semi-pro, and professional leagues.

Many CCM boots are considered one-piece, meaning the quarter package and outsole is built into a single piece rather than glued together. This one-piece feature creates even more outstanding durability.

CCM Skates Fit Well

CCM is not the only hockey manufacturer to offer custom fitting, but it is one of the best. CCM offers both in-person fitting sessions at any store where its products are sold, as well as virtual fitting sessions to ensure that anyone ordering online receives their perfect skate size. CCM’s 3D fit scanner is a high-tech device that will take specific foot measurements and produce your customized fit.

Comfort Is In Their Playbook

Quality materials and a perfect fit combine to produce some of the most comfortable skates you can buy. CCM skates mold to your foot, keeping your foot stable inside the boot. This stability also increases comfort.

Are There Any Drawbacks of CCM Skates?

With so many points in their favour, you may be wondering if CCM skates have any negative points. No product is perfect, after all, and if you’re going to spend so much money on a product, you want to know the full story beforehand. Let’s take a look at the main drawbacks of CCM skates.

They Can Be Expensive

The primary drawback of CCM skates is the price tag. Some of the lower-end skates may go for a couple of hundred bucks, depending on where you buy them, but the more high-quality, customizable skates can cost as much as $1,000.

It’s a Player’s Preference!

While it’s not exactly a problem with CCM skates themselves, it’s worth noting that some people simply prefer other brands. When it comes to choosing the perfect fit, some skaters find that competitor brands, such as Bauer or Graf, simply fit their feet better. Other skaters prefer the feel of different brands over CCM as well. Take a read of our article on The Top 10 Bauer Skates if you’d like to see a comparison.

Of course, when choosing your next pair of skates, you shouldn’t base your decision on the brand alone. If at all possible, try several pairs of skates to see what works best for you.

Do Any Famous Athletes Use CCM Skates?

Over the years, CCM gear, including skates, has been used by professional hockey players around the world. CCM has a rich history of support by the NHL, NCAA, CWHL, various semi-pro leagues, and national teams.

The company’s first spokesman was NHL legend King Clancy. Since his signing in 1936, CCM has been represented by a list of other famous hockey players, including Mark Messier, Paul Henderson, Darryl Sittler, Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, and Pavel Datsyuk.

In addition, plenty of current NHL and world-class hockey players choose CCM skates. Some of these athletes include:

  • Brock Boeser, right-wing for the Vancouver Canucks
  • Nazem Kadri, center for the Colorado Avalanche
  • Patrice Bergeron, center for the Boston Bruins
  • Seth Jones, defenseman for the Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Melodie Daoust, forward for the 2014 Canadian Women’s Olympic Team
  • Sarah Nurse, forward for the Toronto Furies

How Accurately do CCM Skates Fit?

As mentioned above, CCM skates have some of the most accurate, personalized fits of any hockey skates on the market today. The Jetspeed, Ribcor, and Tacks lines are each made specifically for different foot types and sizes, and each set is further personalized to fit your specific dimensions.

CCM is known for going above and beyond with their skate offerings. They have been in business for over 100 years, fine-tuning and perfecting their skates based on the feedback they receive from the players who use them.

According to the CCM website, here are some of the things professional players have to say about the fit of their skates:

  • Brock Boeser: “I love how, when I get a new pair, they are super comfy, and my feet don’t hurt”.
  • Nazem Kadri: “CCM skates are fitted for my feet, very comfortable to wear and lightweight to maximize my speed”.
  • Patrice Bergeron: “The One-Piece Boot gives the fit and comfort that I need”.
  • Seth Jones: “From the fit to the comfort, to the explosiveness, I don’t know why I’d use any other type of skate”.
  • Melodie Daoust: “I choose the one-piece boot because I feel more connected to the ice, and it fits my feet perfectly”.
  • Sarah Nurse: “I use the one-piece boot because it’s a really snug fit and lightweight, which gives me the edge in any foot race”.

That’s some high praise from the pros, don’t you think?

So by now, you may be wondering, “What is it about CCM skates that make them fit so well?” Or, more importantly, “How can I know they’ll fit my feet?” Those are excellent questions and undoubtedly necessary to ask before buying any new pair of skates. The answers lie in CCM’s unique fitting process.

What is the CCM Skate Fitting Process?

This article has mentioned CCM’s skate fitting process several times by now. No doubt, you’ve become extremely curious and want to find out more about it. How does the process work? What are the steps involved? And can it really help you choose the skate that fits perfectly?

In this section, we’ll take a look at CCM’s process for helping you find the perfect skates and the steps that are involved.

Step 1

Locate one of CCM’s retailers, or schedule a virtual fitting appointment. If you do a virtual fitting, you will set a time for a video consultation with one of CCM’s expert fitters, who will ask you questions about your foot size and may ask you to take measurements of specific parts of your feet.

Step 2

If you schedule an in-person fitting, you will meet with a CCM fitter at your local retailer. The fitter will use CCM’s 3D Fit Scanner to take your foot measurements. The fit scanner is a high-tech piece of equipment that can take a highly accurate measurement of your foot and its unique contours.

Step 3

Following the instructions of the fitter, place your feet on the scanner. The scanning process is simple and should only take a few minutes. When the scanner has finished taking measurements, the fitter will ask you to remove your feet. The scanning process is similar to how professional players are fitted for their new skates.

Step 4

The fitter will analyze your foot measurements, using a computer or tablet to generate a virtual image of each foot. These images will be used to create a customized mold of your foot. Using this mold, CCM will create a custom pair of skates specifically for your feet. Each skate will be built around the mold, continuously being reshaped and fitted so that it will fit the mold perfectly.

Step 5

Once the skates have been made and shipped to your preferred pickup location, you can pick them up. The fitter may ask you to try them on before you leave to ensure they fit correctly and are comfortable.

Of course, the real test will be trying them out on the ice. As soon as you’re able to, head to your local rink and take a few spins around the ice. As with any new skates, it may take some time to break them in, but they should feel comfortable and well-contoured to your feet.

Choosing the Right CCM Skates for You

Regardless of the CCM skate you choose, make sure you follow through on the process, so you have the best chance of getting the best fit possible. Remember, your hockey skates should feel like an extension of your feet, giving you superior traction and speed on the ice and upping your overall game. Fit, comfort, and quality are all key to finding that perfect skate.

One final note: CCM offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on many of their skates. Make sure to find out before buying if that guarantee applies to your skates. If it does, you can buy your new skates with more confidence, knowing that if the fit isn’t quite right, you can return it in exchange for a new pair.

With so many high-quality options, styles, and fit specifications, you’ll surely be able to find a pair of CCM skates that are just right for you.