What Is The Best Toddler Helmet Available? Take A Look

What Is The Best Toddler Helmet Available? Take A Look

Best Toddler Hockey Helmet

When teaching your toddler to skate, it is critical to give them the best equipment available to ensure their safety and success. The helmet is a crucial piece of gear that protects the player from severe brain or head injuries. But with so many options, how do you know which is the perfect hockey helmet for your little champ?

Bauer Youth Lil Sport is the best toddler helmet available. It fits snugly around the head and offers excellent protection. You can also adjust it further using the occipital adjustment at the back and removable PU pads inside. The helmet’s designs are stylish, and it offers excellent value for money.

Let us take an in-depth look at what makes this helmet ideal for little kids. We will discuss how it protects the player, the fitting and comfort it offers, and where you can buy it at the lowest price.

Bauer Youth Lil Sport Helmet Review

Bauer has been known for manufacturing certified hockey equipment for over 90 years. Their Youth Lil Sport helmet is designed for toddlers and little kids playing ice hockey.

The helmet features a one-piece design with two options for customizing the fit. Several ventilation holes keep the head cool, and the foam padding protects the head against injuries. Let us discuss all of its features one by one.

Also, to get a better feel for the helmet, watch the following video.

This helmet is excellent for your child to use while they are merely learning to skate, but be sure to read our article on the best age to start hockey if you’re looking to move your child to the next stage.

Important note: Different websites have different pricing for this helmet, and we have noticed that the rates keep changing. Make sure to read the bottom of the post where I have linked to a few reputable stores offering this product. It will help you quickly compare prices and save some money.


Protection against injuries is the primary reason why a player buys a helmet. Rest assured that the Bauer Youth Lil Sport helmet has all the necessary features for protecting your child.

The EPP liner is the first layer of protection. It protects the head against heavy hits and prevents severe injuries, and the foam also extends all the way to the ear covers. Even though the helmet is lightweight, its shell is strong and sturdy.

A combo version of the helmet is also available. It comes with a face protection cage, offering an extra layer of protection. You get a silver-coloured face mask that offers excellent visibility while also protecting the player’s face against falls. It also comes with a mid-density foam chin cup, offering a comfortable cushion feeling.

The helmet is also CSA/HECC certified, which means it provides impact protection for very young players. Though, as you might already know, helmets cannot be guaranteed to prevent concussions.


The fit of a helmet obviously depends on the size of the player’s head. And the helmet must fit perfectly for the lining and protective qualities of the shell to function. A snug fit is when the helmet is not too tight to cause discomfort or pain but moves with the player’s head.

Lil Sport is a one-size helmet. Bauer suggests that it is designed for kids aged three to six years. However, we have found that the helmet is usually a good fit for 2-to-5-year-olds as well. It is designed to fit cranial circumferences from 48.2 cm to 54 cm (19 to 21.2 inches), as shown in its inner label.

Even though the helmet has a one-size design, it offers a few ways to customize the fit. It comes with an occipital adjustment on the back, which helps to lock the helmet in place. The chin strap is also easy to use and allows kids to put on or remove the helmet quickly.

The inner padding of a helmet also affects how it fits. The polyurethane pads on the side of the Lil Sport helmet are removable. You can easily replace these pads with a pair of thicker ones that come packaged with the product.


Your child needs to forget about the helmet on their head and focus on the game or skating. For this to happen, the padding, the fit, and the configuration would make the helmet as comfortable as possible.

The weight of the gear also plays a crucial role because a heavy helmet means the child will find it difficult to move their head. The great thing about the Bauer Youth Lil Sport helmet is that it is lightweight.

There are seven ventilation holes on the top of the helmet to prevent excessive sweating and keep them cool. Ear covers also have four holes each.

As we have discussed, the inside of the helmet has two polyurethane pads for added comfort and better fit. It also comes with a removable clip at the back. This is helpful if your child is wearing goggles as the clip can hold them.


The helmet style is a personal choice because it does not affect the gear’s performance. As long as the helmet is certified and fits appropriately, players can choose any colour combination they like.

Since the Lil Sport helmet is designed for toddlers, style is an important consideration. It comes in four colour combinations: The first one is a simple all-black design. The second is a blend of white and black, with everything except the ear covers and pads being white. The third is the same as the second, except for the primary colour being silver. And the last combination is a mix of white and pink, where the ear covers, stickers, and straps are pink.

In every design, the cage is of silver colour and offers excellent visibility. All of the combinations look stylish. Some boys will probably want to go with the first three designs, while some girls may undoubtedly adore the pink one. It is a fun way to keep your kid excited about the game or skating in general.

Where To Buy Bauer Youth Lil Sport Helmet

As we have discussed, there are two versions of the product: one is the helmet, and another is the combo with a protective cage. Logically, it is better to go with the combo as it offers an extra layer of protection.

Also, there is a considerable difference in pricing, so I suggest visiting the below pages and finding out which site offers the lowest price. I have also provided links for different colours so that you do not have to look them up.

Here are the stores selling Bauer Youth Lil Sport Helmet:

Apart from that, you can also buy the cage or face protection separately on Canadian Tire by following this link. Of course, it will be cheaper to buy the combo. But the choice is there if you ever feel like getting a face mask for your Lil Sport helmet.

Make sure to read our article covering the average cost of youth hockey equipment. If you’re planning on having your child join the sport, this will give you an idea of what all the different pieces of equipment will cost together.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a helmet for your little kid can be a challenging task. There are so many options available, with all of them having distinct features. But after researching quite a bit, we have concluded that the Bauer Youth Lil Sport Helmet is the best ice hockey helmet for toddlers.

The helmet offers a comfortable, snug fit and lets you replace the inner padding as well. Available in multiple colours, this stylish helmet provides excellent protection against injuries. It is also budget-friendly, and you can choose to buy either the combo version with face protection or just the helmet.

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