What Are the Best Hockey Skates for Youth Hockey Players?

What Are the Best Hockey Skates for Youth Hockey Players?

Youth Hockey Skates

If you want to get your kid started with ice hockey, it is essential to buy them a good pair of skates. This will help them stay safe and keep them comfortable while enjoying playing the wonderful sport of ice hockey. Not only is it essential to choose the right size skates, but it is necessary to look for things like sharp blades and comfortable padding.

Some of the best skates are the Botas skates, such as the Botas - Draft 281 and the Botas - Attack 181. They fit all ages, are comfortable, have a great blade, and provide optimal ankle support. You can also opt for an adjustable pair of skates like the Jackson Ultima.

In this article, you will read about the best ice hockey skates for youth players.

Things to Look for in Youth Ice Hockey Skates

How do you choose the right hockey skates for your child? Here are some things to look for and keep in mind when buying youth ice hockey skates.

The Right Size

Always pay attention to the sizing charts. Getting the right size is critical for balance and comfort. Skates that are too big for your child’s feet can not only cause blisters due to friction and rubbing but can also cause your kid to lose their balance. Skates that are too small will be uncomfortable as well. If there is no size chart, keep in mind that many youth ice skates fit a size smaller than standard shoe sizes.

We also have another article on how to size youth hockey skates for the perfect fit, which is worth reading when looking at buying skates.

Adjustable Sizing

Some youth skates come with adjustable sizing, giving you the ability to switch between three or four different sizes. Adjustable sizing is excellent if your kid is still growing and their shoe size is continually changing, as you won’t have to keep buying new skates whenever they outgrow their current shoe size. It is also great if you are purchasing skates online, as you will experience many sizing options and can usually make a return if they don’t fit properly.

Other Features

The features in this section are optional, but you should consider getting them. Ankle support is vital, as it will help protect your child from sprains and injuries. Comfortable inner padding will help keep your child’s feet warm and protected from the cold, even during long games or long ice hockey practice sessions.

Double vs. Single Blade Skates

If your child is a true beginner, consider getting a pair of skates that feature double blades placed a little more apart than usual. Double blades will help improve balance and make your child less likely to fall. As they become more experienced, you can switch to double blade skates that have blades closer together or even to single blade skates. Think of double blade skates as training wheels on a bicycle.

Regular Skates vs. Strap-On Skates

In addition to getting regular skates, you can get a pair of strap-on skates that can be strapped on to your child’s shoes. These are best if you are on a budget or don’t know which size skate to get for your child. Otherwise, get them regular skates, as they will be more likely to have features like comfortable padding, ankle support and more foot protection, which is probably missing in your child’s standard pair of shoes.


Pricing for a decent pair of youth skates can range from $30 to $100. The better the quality, the more expensive the pair is going to be. Pricing will naturally depend on size as well. Try to go for something in the $50-100 range if you are looking for a good pair of quality skates that are still not overly expensive. The best skates will be more than $100; top quality skates can go up to $200 or higher.

Figure Skates vs. Ice Skates

Make sure to buy ice hockey skates for your child instead of figure skates. Figure skates generally have blades that are longer than the actual boot. Usually, there is a toe pick that protrudes from the front. On the other hand, ice hockey blades are generally the same size as the boot and are flat in the middle and curved at the end. It can be dangerous to use figure skates for ice hockey, and they usually aren’t allowed, so make sure to buy the correct kind of skates.

We have another article that goes into much more detail on why hockey skates can be so expensive and what goes into them.

Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

These ice skates are meant for boys and are adjustable. As such, you may not have to buy a new pair when your kid grows out of their current shoe size, and you also won’t have to worry about buying this pair online only to find that it is too big or too small.

There are three size ranges available:

  • Small: Adjustable from J10 - 13 (designed for toddlers and very small children)
  • Medium: Adjustable from 1-4
  • Large: Adjustable from 5-8

The blade is made of stainless steel, while the sole is waterproof, which will prevent your child’s feet from getting wet. It would be best if you sharpened the blade before you use the skates for the first time. The padding is warm and comfortable, which will keep your child’s feet warm and prevent them from becoming cold while out on the ice.

The locking buckle and power strap will keep the skates securely on your child’s feet so that they don’t slip. To adjust the skate’s size, simply push the button, slide the toe frontward or backward, and then release the button to lock it into place.

American Athletic Boy’s Ice Force Hockey Skates

This pair of nylon skates come in sizes ranging from Youth 1 to Youth 13. See the sizing chart on Amazon to make sure you get the right size. If you are looking for a pair of light skates that won’t weigh your child down, this is a good option.

The blade is made of stainless steel and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. The lining is moisture resistant, and the skates easily mold to your child’s feet for better comfort and fit. The box toe is also cut resistant.

Jackson Ultima Softec Recreational Hockey Skate

This pair of skates come in two colour designs: Black and white or blue and white so your child can pick what they like best. Sizes start from Youth Size 1 and go all the way up to Men’s Size 12, but make sure to check the Amazon listing for current size availability and pricing. The skates are made of Thinsulate and nylon, and they are incredibly lightweight and easy to use.

They are also designed to keep your child’s feet warm and toasty. The inner padding is comfortable and soft, while the nylon lining makes this pair of skates durable and long-lasting.

TR-750 Ice Hockey Skate

This pair of ice hockey skates come in five different sizes:

  • 1
  • 3
  • J11
  • J12
  • J13

It has a comfortable brushed lining and strong ankle support. The stainless steel blade has a hardened edge, and the hockey laces will help secure the skates on your child’s feet. It would be best to sharpen the blade before your child uses the skates for the first time.

Xino Sports Adjustable Ice Skates

These adjustable ice skates come in two different colours: blue or pink, again giving a selection for your child to choose from. The inner padding is soft and comfortable, and there is reinforced ankle support to help protect your child from sprains. These skates also look pretty cool, regardless of whether you get the blue or pink version, so your child will love them.

The pair comes in two sizes: Small and Medium. Small is for toddlers (sizes 10-13) while Medium is for bigger kids (sizes 1-4). This is a cute pair of durable skates that can last for years. Your child shouldn’t outgrow them quickly because as their feet grow, they can simply enlarge the skates using the easy-to-use push-button adjustment system.

The blade is already sharp and ready to use, unlike some of the other skates in this list, which require sharpening before use. However, the blades should be sharpened every once in a while to ensure they remain sharp. Take a read through our article on how to know when skates need sharpening to find out how often this should be done.

Xino offers a one-year part and labour warranty, as well as a 60-days money-back guarantee. If you order the skates and they turn out to be too small or too large despite the adjustment system, you can always return them.

These skates are suitable for children and teens who weigh up to 130 pounds (59 kg).

American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skates

This pair of nylon skates is excellent whether your child is a total beginner or already has some ice hockey playing experience. The sidewall injection mold helps the skates fit your child’s feet, increasing comfort and improving ankle support. There are copper rivets for heel support and a lightweight toe box.

The lightness of this pair of skates will help your child achieve quicker speeds when playing ice hockey. There is a stainless steel blade, which also increases agility and speed, and it is easy to figure out the correct size as sizing is true to shoe size. The skates come in black with white laces and range from sizes 5-13.

Bladerunner Kids’ Ice Skates

This cool pair of skates come in trendy black, grey, and green colours. It has an adjustable sizing system that can be adjusted to four different sizes. The skates are lightweight and provide maximum comfort and support. The comfortable liner will help your child’s feet stay warm. At the same time, the secure lace closure system will also prevent cold air from entering. The carbon steel blade is long-lasting and, together with the adjustable sizing, ensures your kid can use the skates for years.

There are currently three sizes available on Amazon:

  • 2
  • 5
  • 12J

American Athletic Senior Cougar Soft Hockey Skates

These black and white laced skates are soft and comfortable. They are designed for recreational ice hockey, not for competitive ice hockey. The boot, although soft, has multiple layers, which provide firm ankle support. There is also thick padding to increase warmth and comfort.

In addition to the strong lacing, there is a Velcro strap, which adds more support. Since these skates stay true to shoe size, it will be easy to pick the right size.

Botas - Draft 281 - Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

These skates come in various sizes for both adults and children, starting with Child 1 and going all the way up to Adult 16. They feature a synthetic upper and a padded synthetic lining.

The pair is over the $100 mark, so it is a bit more expensive than most of the other skate pairs on this list. However, it is designed for active athletes who will use it regularly, so if your child skates regularly and you are looking for a long-lasting pair of skates that won’t easily wear out, this is an excellent choice.

Child sizes have a Falcon Carbon Steel blade, while adult sizes have an Icehawk Carbon Ultra Steel blade. The toe cap is strong and provides maximum protection, while the double-density ankle padding provides firm ankle support.

Boys American Chillin’ Double Runner Ice Skate

The American Athletic brand produces this pair of American Chillin’ skates. It looks like a boot, which is pretty cool, and it has double blades that were purposely set apart to provide ultimate balance and support. As such, it is perfect for youth beginners. Sizes range from 9-13; sizing is true to shoe size.

Botas - Attack 181 - Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

These ice hockey skates are made in the Czech Republic. Child sizes range from Child 1 to Child 13, and adult sizes range from Adult 4 to Adult 16. The upper is made of quality fabric, while the lining has synthetic black material on top of a foam pad. The ankle has latex foam padding for added support, while the tongue is reinforced but still flexible. The tip is made out of strong plastic, which will protect your child’s toes from impact injuries.

After using these Botas hockey skates, it is recommended to remove the insole and dry it out in a dry room at air temperature. It would help if you also wiped the skates clean after using them. When you wash the skates, use plain water without any harsh detergents, as they can ruin the skates.

Bauer Lil Angel Champ Skates

These skates are available in various sizes, starting from 6 and going up to 13. The interior is made out of one piece of nylon, which is comfortable and will keep your kid’s feet warm. The buckle system is easy to use and will keep the skates firm and snug. The skates can be bought in pink or blue, making a perfect choice for any new skater.

Roller Derby WIZARD 400 Adjustable Skate

This pair of adjustable skates comes in two sizes: Small, which adjusts from 10J to 13J, and Medium, which is for sizes 13J to 3. The inner deluxe padding is warm and comfortable, and there is ankle support to help protect your child from ankle injuries. The blades are made of stainless steel, though you should sharpen them before using the skates for the first time.

The tongue is padded, and the upper portion is made of synthetic materials.

To adjust the sizing on the skates, rotate the lever and then slide the toe backward or forward. Put the lever back into its original position to lock the sizing in place.

5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates

This pair of ice hockey skates comes with both ankle padding and heel support. It will be easy to find the right size for your child, as all pairs are true to shoe size. The skates are designed to be snug and comfortable in the heel but still give the wearer a bit of wiggle room in the toe area. It has a moisture-resistant liner to keep your child’s feet from becoming wet. The outsole is reinforced, which helps improve stability at the ice hockey rink.

CCM Tyke Ice Skates Youth Junior

These grey junior ice skates from CCM are the perfect beginner skates for a young ice hockey player just starting out. Their plastic hinge straps are easy to open and close, and your kid’s feet will be warm and comfortable due to the brushed velvet lining, soft foam padded ankle, and soft foam tongue. You can adjust the size of these skates by using the simple push-button system. The sizes that are supported are Youth Size 12, Youth Size 13, and Junior Size 1.

American Athletic Shoe Cougar Adjustable Skates

This is another pair of ice hockey skates from the American Athletic brand. The skates come in four sizes:

  • Extra Small (Sizes 6-9 Youth)
  • Small (Sizes 10-13 Youth)
  • Medium (Sizes 1-4 Youth)
  • Large

The sizing is adjustable, though always check the sizing chart on Amazon for updated sizing information. It comes with a removable liner that you can take out to dry out. The blade is made of stainless steel. The buckles are easy to fasten, and the outer shell is hard and provides support for when your kid is playing ice hockey.

Lake Placid Girls Nitro Adjustable Ice Skates

This pair of Lake Placid skates is meant for girls (the other one mentioned in this article is intended for boys). It has an EZ Push Button that you can use to adjust the size, and the quick fit cam buckles are easy to use (there are no confusing laces which can come untied and pose a hazard to your child).

The skates come in sizes Small, Medium, and Large, and each size is adjustable to fit a few different size variations. The liner is washable. The outer shell is durable and has a hinged cuff.

Accessories to Buy With Your Kid’s Skates

In addition to buying skates, there are some other things you might want to buy along with those skates. Here are some accessories that will help your child when ice skating. Most are optional, but safety gear is an absolute must.

Elite Hockey Pro-Skate Guard, Walking Soaker

It is crucial to buy guards for your child’s skates. These guards will allow them to use their ice hockey skates without damaging them off the ice. Otherwise, your kid won’t be able to keep their skates on when they need to walk out of the rink. This pair of ice guards feature rubber traction at the base for added support while walking. They also have a soft inner lining that will protect the blades from damage and protect them from rust.

Make sure to get the Junior size and not the Senior size.

ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks

These ice hockey socks will keep your child’s feet warm and snug, even if they stay on the rink for a long time. It is essential to have warm socks in addition to a great pair of skates, as warm socks will help prevent cold feet. These socks come in various solid colours, including black, blue, neon, red, royal blue and white.

Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag

This ice hockey skate bag for kids and adults is excellent for carrying skates in. It has two large pockets inside and can hold ice skates up to size 13 (men). Also, there is a central pocket for a change of clothes, a back mesh pocket for a water bottle or other drink, and a side pocket for a phone and other small accessories. The shoulder strap can be adjusted or removed.

The bag itself is made of water-resistant material, but it still has vents for airflow. This bag will make your child’s life easier when they go to and from the ice hockey rink.

It may also be worth taking a read through our article on the best hockey bags for kids on the market to get an idea of which hockey bag to get for the rest of the hockey gear.

CCM Fl3ds Youth Hockey Helmet/Mask Combo

This is a durable helmet made by a reputable company that can be worn by youths of all ages. Having a helmet while playing ice hockey is essential, and since this helmet has a wire faceguard, it is perfect for playing the sport. For more details on finding the best youth hockey helmet, be sure to read our other article on the topic.

CCM Tacks 3092 Hockey Shin Guards (Youth)

In addition to a helmet, it is crucial to get protective pads for your kid’s legs. This shin guards’ set is made to give the perfect fit and excellent protection for your youth hockey player. Although it is lightweight and breathable for maximum comfort, it still is thickened to provide ultimate protection in the case of a puck or stick hitting up against your child’s legs. There are two sizes available, which are 8 and 9 inches depending on your child’s height. Be sure to take a look at the sizing chart for proper fit.

If you are interested in learning more about which accessories are a must-have for ice hockey players, watch this short video:

How to Keep Your Child Safe at Ice Hockey

It is essential not just to buy a great pair of ice hockey skates for your kid but also to make sure they are safe while they play. Here are some critical ice hockey safety tips that every parent should keep in mind when sending their kid to ice hockey practice or games.

Get the Right Pair of Skates

The importance of getting the right pair of skates can’t be stressed enough. A good pair of skates that provide excellent ankle support and fit well will help keep your child safe. If your child is a beginner, consider getting a double-bladed pair of skates.

Comfort is another factor to consider when getting the perfect pair of skates for your child. We’ve got an article that describes why hockey skates may be uncomfortable for the wearer.

Buy Protection

At the very least, make sure your child wears a good helmet. An excellent helmet option is listed above, and it comes from a great hockey company. However, it is best not to skimp on a helmet. A helmet is a must-have, and your child’s safety has no price.

You should also be buying shin pads and elbow pads to protect their legs and elbows. Shoulder pads will also help protect your kid as they play the game of ice hockey.

A good pair of gloves will help keep your kid’s hands warm and safe. You can also buy thick socks, so they don’t experience cold feet. A mouthguard will help protect their teeth if their helmet does not already protect their face with a shield or cage.

Make Sure Your Child Is Ready

Before getting your child started with ice hockey, have them evaluated by a doctor to ensure they are fully physically fit. Also, make sure they get trained to skate beforehand. Ensure your child’s coach has safety in mind and is looking out for the kids’ well being and not allowing kids to play rough. The coach should have an emergency medical plan in case an injury does occur.


By making sure your child is ready and has a great pair of skates and protective gear, your child will be able to enjoy the fantastic sport of ice hockey regardless of their age and skill level. Over time, your child will get better and come to love this sport even more.